The 5 Top Benefits Of Using A Dry Herb Pen

by Abhagail Jheniffer Shopping

Smoking has been there for centuries, dating back to the ancestors. Setting something on fire and inhaling the smoke is easy to do.

However, we never asked how good is it for us. Up till now the people smoked in bizarre places like airplanes, restaurants, even hospitals.

It never dawned on us that it can cause adverse effects. Fast forward to the decade and life has changed immensely.

Vaporizers are one of the latest technologies to come out. Many smokers are turning over to experience the benefit of dry herb pen.

Let us check out the perks of using a dry weed vaporizer.

Inhaling Vapor Not Smoke

One of the obvious ways that they differ is one produces vapor and the other produces smoke. While cigarettes contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals come from combustion, dry herb vaporizers emit vapor and not smoke.

Moreover, you can enjoy vaporizers anywhere you want since it doesn’t produce any smell like cigarettes. In fact, it wouldn’t let people know that you are vaping.

Cleaner With Better Taste

Smoking often destroys the taste of herbs. Smoking of two different dry herbs will give different flavors, but using a vaporizer will produce true taste.

The real difference is you are not using high heat. High heat causes combustion which produces benzene.

Combustion can also destroy the main ingredients in the herbs. You will get a quicker inhalation but you are killing a lot of what you can use.

Lesser Wastes

Since smoking kills off active ingredients, it wastes lot of herbs. Using a dry herb pen only stretches out the amount of hits you can take off a single bowl you pack, but lasts longer.

As you aren’t heating the herbs up high, it turns into vapor, slowly.

Easier On The Body

Vaping is easier on the body and many people experience this immediately while using it. Most people who smoke cigarettes talk about how it makes tired.

Vaping has no evidence or anecdote of it. Another advantage of vaping weed is if you have issues with your throat or lungs.

One of the other benefits is that it doesn’t get to high temperatures. Vaporizers go up to 428-degree F to 500-degree F. This isn’t enough to feel much heat pass through.


Dry vape pen is super discreet from the design to its smell. Though there is still a smell to your vapor, it is less than smoking. Smoking only circulates all around but it sticks to your clothes.

The visual difference between smoke and vapor is the texture. Smoke moves slower and smell tends to linger. Vapor moves faster and dissipates faster.

The design of a vape pen is discreet. Place it on the desk near a bunch of pens and no one would notice. The size is really identical. You can even keep it on the possession and it won’t ever show.

Finally, there are many benefits of using a vape pen over cigarettes. These are travel-friendly, tastes better and more.

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