Another Ayurvedic Herb With Additional Benefits: The Pushkarmool

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Pushkarmool is known by its botanical name Inula Racemosa. Pushkarmool plant is grown in the Himalayas at an altitude of 4500 meters. The plant is in shrub form mostly with a maximum height of 2 meters; its leaves are six centimeters long and three centimeters broad. Pushkarmool has various health benefits, such as heart diseases, asthma, cough, and anemia. 


Pushkarmool capsules/tables help lower the stress hormone, and additionally, it is used as an anti-aging ayurvedic herb to rejuvenate the skin cells. The root is the main part of the plant, which holds enormous health benefits. Let see some of the benefits of this amazing Ayurveda plant.


  • Traditionally the roots of the plants were used to stop hiccups, coughing, and chest pain.
  • In ancient times, the skin from the dried roots was used orally to lower the liver swelling.
  • The smoke of the dried leaves of pushkarmool was used to treat respiratory disorders.
  • The paste of the dried or fresh roots was applied to the wounds in ancient times to heal scars.
  • Women used to have pushkarmool capsules/tablets to lower menstrual pain.
  • It supports healthy digestion, blood circulation, cough, fever, and cold.
  • Pushkarmool cleanses kidney stones and increase the urine formation to support kidneys’ health.


The root of the pushkarmool plant is bitter in taste; it clears the airways through the lungs and allows proper flow of oxygen inside the blood. Researchers have deeply studied the medicinal properties of this powerful plant, and have reported various benefits for males and females.


Pushkarmool is also known to balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. The bitter taste of roots balances Kapha dosha, and the hot nature of this plant treats Vata and pitta doshas. Let us dig a little deeper into three doshas of the human body.


The doshas are biological energies found in the human body that helps to lead a healthy life. If any of these three doshas goes out of balance, it causes severe health issues to the body. The Kapha is an element of water, Vata is an element of space, and Pitta is an element of fire. 


Imbalanced Pitta causes heartburn after having meals; imbalanced Vata can cause anxiety and stress; whereas imbalanced Kapha causes dehydration. Pushkarmool capsules/tablets help balance all three doshas. One capsule of pushkarmool is advised to take with lukewarm water for additional medicinal benefits. Consult your doctor before consuming pushkarmool tablets.

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