The 3 Evergreen Variants of Solitaire You Can Enjoy

by Kristina Williams SEO

Solitaire is perhaps the only card game that has been staying strong since the 90s. It is a strategy game that will help you develop an analytical mind and improve your memory power. Solitaire games are a good way to unwind after a busy day. You can really beat your stress by playing a good game. One of the best things about playing Solitaire is that you can play it alone without worrying about tagging another person. This single-player game has more than one version or variant. 

When it was first introduced by Microsoft Windows, Klondike was the only version that was available. It gained popularity overnight. But now, there are more variants available, you will not get bored of just one version. You can always move on to the next whenever you want to.

How about we list the three popular variants of Solitaire for you? Sounds good! So, let us begin.

1.     Klondike: Klondike is actually the most common and the most popular variant in Solitaire. You must be familiar with this game from your personal computers, or at least you must have seen someone playing it. It would not be incorrect to call it the quintessential card variant of Solitaire. Here, you need to use a single deck of cards and arrange 13 cards of each suit from Ace to King in a sequence. Your job is to build them upwards starting with Ace as the foundation. You have to place your cards on the tableau.

The initial deal is to lay out 7 piles, from 1 to 7 cards on each. You need to make sure that the top card of each pile has to face up. Then you go on to arrange the cards within the tableau by making them downwards in alternate colors and can only move them between columns.

2.     Spider Solitaire: Spider is the second most popular variant of the game. All thanks to Microsoft Windows! I am sure you must have seen this variant on your computer along with games like Minesweeper, Hearts and Chess. Let me tell you some trivia. Spider Solitaire was the favorite game of former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The reason it became popular is because this variant gives you plenty of chances to overcome the luck of the draw with skillful play. Your likelihood of winning this game is high. You need to involve two decks of cards and then lay those 54 cards in the tableau in piles of 10. You need to make sure that you get the cards of similar suit in particular order from Ace to King. But remember, there are no foundations in this case. You can move the cards within the tableau like how you would in Klondike. There is a stockpile from where you can take out fresh cards if you need them.

3. FreeCell Solitaire: This is one of three popular variants of the classic card game. Initially, this variant appeared with Microsoft Windows 95 and since then, became popular. It is truly an addictive pastime for a lot of people. So, in this game, you have to use a single deck of cards that are all facing up in 8 columns. There will be 4 foundation piles, and your objective is to build cards from each suit in an ascending order. That is, you have to build them from Ace to King.

If you are wondering why it is called free cell, it is because there are 4 storage cells in the game where you can store your cards temporarily. You can store cards in those cells from the bottom of any column. You have to arrange the cards in alternate colors, from each suit in the tableau. As always, you can move the sequences only between columns but only with the aid of available cells. You can fill in the space created in the tableau with any card.

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The variants listed above are the three popular ones that everyone loves to indulge in. These are generally the builder-type games. It is definitely worth playing these variants of Solitaire especially if you want to relax for a while. There are surely other variants, but these three will continue to remain the mainstay of Solitaire.

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