Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring software Systems

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a procedure where technology can be employed to regulate a patient’s health remotely. Patients who do not prefer to be in a clinical capacity such as a hospital can opt for this alternative; all the service and recommendations are delivered by utilizing RPM applications. Patients can meet with their doctors through a video conferencing application, which saves the time required for traveling. Also, there are RPM applications that regulate vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and any irregularities in real-time. Moreover, it also delivers an anxiety alarm technique to acquaint caregivers during emergencies such as heart attacks, etc.

SISGAIN proposes an end to end telehealth software systems encouraging both conventional and virtual care delivery through real-time data and remote monitoring solutions.

      Empower clients and inform care providers with SISGAIN’s RPM

      Enable decision support

      Deliver clients with customary health checks, and establish threshold alerts of unfavorable trending vitals.

      Deliver foresighted care

      Personalized alerts and dashboards provide clients and providers perception into critical health information to ensure key stakeholders can put up with preventive action.

      Remain outcome-focused

      Capture applicable client data and make more knowledgeable judgments to achieve outcome-based goals.

The evolving deterrents include:

      Physicians and Caregivers

Deficiency of competent, skilled, and professional medical specialists.

      Premium on Insurance

Incapacity to curtail the expense of premium due to heightened cost in exploration and delivering healthcare.

      Pathology Tests

Incapability to deliver low-cost lab tests due to incipient disease structures and expensive equipment.

      Training and Development

Increased deterioration ratio directing more time and expense to equip fresh employees.

      Violence at Hospitals

Unavoidable assaults at patients and healthcare specialists by a patient due to a medical ailment.

      Hospitalization Cost

Intensified hospitalization occurrences steering to more pay-outs by health insurance corporations.

How SISGAIN Works?

SISGAIN provides for the best telehealth software which discerns today's roadblocks confronted by healthcare corporations and delivers a seamless method for personalized care and attention to patients.

      Technology-driven remote patient monitoring system

      Wireless Vitals Collections

SISGAIN’s mobile telehealth solutions can formulate and build (as per the requirement) a remote patient monitoring system that continually monitors a patient's physiological parameters.

This remote patient monitoring solution will enable patients to walk around in the house, unlike the aged procedures where the patients were expected to be placed to regulate their vitals.

      Health Education Based on the Circumstance

This extraordinary mobile health solution can be constructed and conformed to deliver pedagogy to the patient about his/her health circumstance through an app on their mobile phone or tablet. It will guarantee they have a comprehensive understanding of the illness, risks, things to avoid, diet, and so on.

The primary objective of this remote patient monitoring software solution will be to certainly influence the patients and inform them in such a means that facilitates them to take more interest in their health.

      Interactive Care System

SISGAIN’s interactive care software solution can deliver cohesive patient education built on the patient’s age, chosen language, and so on, guaranteeing more custom-made care delivery. This solution can also confirm lesser readmissions, avoid falls, enhance patient satisfaction, and diminish the extent of stay.

This enhanced communication can boost adequate workflow and augmented uniformity in medical diagnostics.

      AI-based Virtual Assistant for Better Health and Living

SISGAIN’s AI-based virtual assistant is a remote patient monitoring software, which is established on the patient’s mobile phone, tablet, or computer. It shares the latest improvements and enhancements about the diagnosis with the patient.

Based on the patient’s health condition and internet usage, it shares videos, links, and content regularly, which saves their time and struggle.

This enables the patient to be autonomous (does not have to rely on a person to get any information) and guarantees privacy about their diagnosis.

      Notifications and Reminders

This remote patient monitoring software solution can be developed to deliver notifications and reminders to patients about their virtual visits with the physician, time when they have to take their medications.

Likewise, doctors also receive reminders about their virtual visits with their patients, meetings with other doctors.

This solution protects a lot of time involved in traveling both for the patients and physicians and also reduces costs significantly. They can accompany these meetings from anywhere anytime using an internet connection.

Use cases

      Chronic Care Management

This solution encourages a healthcare provider hustling in chronic care management to incorporate their systems for better data analysis, understand developments, and then deliver personalized care and attention to their patients.

      The cloud-based billing system for therapists

This remote patient monitoring system helps a healthcare service provider to automate their medical billing system (especially for virtual consultation). They specialize in delivering consultation and therapy sessions to patients undergoing emotional imbalance (depression, anxiety, and so on).

      Wearable panic alarm gadgets

The integration of these gadgets with the network delivers personalized attention to the patients and ensures that they are given attention to as soon as possible, heading to on-time diagnosis and surgery.

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