How Angular js development is beneficial for your business?

by Ashish Sharma Digital Marketing Expert

Today for every business needs to make an online presence. Building a website is necessary to increase visibility across the digital platform. The business owners need a responsive website that helps to leverage their goals and attain a profit. 


For the development of such websites, businesses need to harness the latest technologies and trends, frameworks, programming language, and APIs. In the latest advancement in technologies, AngularJS is favored with developers for enterprise application development that well-suited for your business. The number of businesses are approaching AngularJS development to refurbish their businesses.


Here in this blog, we are going to have an overview and benefits of AngularJS for businesses prospects


What is Angular JS?


AngularJS is an open-source framework. It is a front end web framework developed by Google. It is used to build single-page applications. It officers Model View Controller and Model view model architectures to simplify and for speedy development and testing of the angular JS was created by Misko Hevery and Adam Aborns in the year 2009 to make programming simpler and develop rich internet applications.


Key Features of angular JS 


·         AngularJs is a sturdy framework that is based on javascript to develop rich internet applications.


·         AngularJS empowers the developers to build client-end applications.


·         It catches up with the MVC pattern for the enterprise web applications that are developed by the developers.


·         Angular JS is an open-source framework, which means that there is no need for the developers to pay any licensing fee. 


·         It is widely popular frameworks and used by the majority of the developers all around the globe.


Choosing AngularJs for business 


·   Enhanced Security: 

     Adopting new technologies is a tough task for every enterprise as there are security issues involved and when it comes to enterprise app development it is a hard decision. Angular JS uses Restful APIs as an HTTPS interface that communicated with the server for presenting data. It enables the applications to protect from malware.


·       Easy Maintenance: 

      The maintenance of the website is a strenuous job and takes a substantial amount of time from the developers. But in the case of angular JS, it uses MVC that facilitates the developers to consider the object-oriented design. It facilitates to maintain the website without any hassle.


·   Simple Architecture:

AngularJS facilitates the developers to develop websites with easy architecture simple designs. A lot of developers using AngularJS to alleviate the features only to an extent and reach up to the professionals' developers level.


·    Lesser Code and enhanced work efficiently:

Building a responsive website takes up a lot of time and effort of developers, but with the use of AngularJS, developers can build websites in a shorter time and with fewer efforts. It has two-way data binding and data saving on the server and write codes in just a few lines. It facilitates the developers to focus on application development rather than spending time in coding.


·         Enterprise-level Testing:

Testing of websites is very crucial for business growth. The testing during and after the web development and includes locating errors and addressing them. AngularJS provides the developers to enable developers with maximum dependency injection for testing each component separately.


·         Easy plugs and play components:

AngularJS aids the developers to utilize the same components for the new applications. They can copy the code and paste it for other applications. 


·         Two-way data binding:

It is one of the best features of AngularJS. Two-way data binding even when the when data is transferred between data and display, the synchronization is managed among the DOM and model efficiency. It helps to help developers and make the web app development process easier.


·         Directives:

AngularJS comes up with a set of built-in directives such as ngblind and ngmodel. It is similar to making controllers and services. AngularJS empowers developers to create and customize their own directives. It uses HTML as a pattern language and empowers the developers to come up with the new syntaxes by using the directives. The developers are able to change the behavior or HTML tags to create customized, making code easily readable. This is one of the special features of angularJS that facilitates to develop errors free app in a quick span of time.


·         Use of modular techniques:

It is yet another but important benefit of building an app with angularJS. The creation of a web app can be done by using a combination of separate modules. Using the modules enhance the app's architecture and also increase the app functionality.


·         Community format:

The popularity of AngularJs is on the rise and it has grown a fairly large community. The community helps the developers with training, updates and third-party tools. 


This community is also very helpful for the customers as it enables then to find the best angular js development team for the development of their apps. And for the developers, it is ideal to find solutions to their problems and utilize online resources.


This framework has reached the level of popularity that there are many conferences and meetups are held at a global level. Here the clients and developers are able to find the solutions as per their requirements.


Wrapping up:


When there is a need for the Angular js development of apps, the client needs to carefully consider all the available options in the market before making a decision about the technology to be adopted. The client does not need to doubt using AngularJS for developing enterprise web apps. It is a powerful platform with many advantages to offer. It enables building robust and dynamic apps for various segments of the business. 

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