Tattoo guide: our tips for choosing the right one

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As we know, we can see that tattooing no longer suffers from such a negative image as in the past.

The perception of society has changed and he is no longer just associated with sailors, soldiers, maidens, and other bad boys. Today, society as a whole has adopted this body art, all generations, from teenagers to retirees. The time is in this respect exceptional and the tattoo knows a true artistic golden age.

Its culture, with a history as old as that of humanity, is developing at high speed in our modern societies. The number of studios is exploding and the profusion of talent is simply phenomenal. Each artist or craftsman (to each his own cap) carries with him a universe, a style, a 'touch' or know-how that sets him apart.

Find inspiration for your tattoo

It's easier than you think. For the question of meaning, it's up to you, but as far as its staging is concerned, it's time for the tattoo artist.

Where to get a tattoo?

In a professional, it goes without saying. And given the number of studios or private shops that have flourished in recent years, you will be spoiled for choice. Especially since in the same studio, several tattoo artists are often at work, each with their own style. However, here you can get your perfect design from Tattoo romani.

Do you find it complicated? Take the time to compare and take the opportunity to shop around for those that interest you. You will thus have the opportunity to make an informed choice and if not to discover sometimes unusual places, colorful personalities, new graphic universes. There is certainly yours.

Which tattoo artist to choose?

Should it be specified that a tattoo artist must know how to stitch correctly to do his job well? No. How do you know if this professional is competent? When we are in the dark, there is an unstoppable weapon that we all have the capacity to call upon: common sense. Trust yourself! Can you see if a portrait of Rihanna looks like Rihanna? What if an old-school cherry doesn't look like a tomato? It's the same for a tattoo.

What is the price of a tattoo?

Let's be clear, a good tattoo comes at a cost. To take a lesson well known in the industry (in english please): "  Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good  ". Like everywhere, quality comes at a price. Normal no? And then, tattooing is for life, so you might as well take the time to put aside the necessary money for a beautiful project and enjoy it serenely in the following years. But if you really want a motif, indulge yourself!

How to prepare your tattoo properly?

Arrive well-rested. No alcohol before (it thins the blood), no drugs in order to stay calm during your session. The tattoo as we say in the middle is "No pain, no gain", in other words: we have nothing for nothing.

But with a good night's sleep behind you, clear thinking, and belly breathing, you'll be relaxed and ready to let your tattoo artist work for as long as it takes to get the tattoo done.

How to maintain your tattoo?

The period following the creation of the tattoo should be carefully considered. Scrupulously follow the advice given by your tattoo artist. If you have chosen it well, it is it who will give you the right information.

  • When you get home, wash your hands well, remove the film and run the freshly tattooed skin under water to rinse off fluids and another ink residue.

  • Dab with a clean towel then passes the ointment that has been advised and cover again with film, food type.

  • In the days that follow, there is no need to film the tattooed area. Just take care to wash it properly in the shower, with a neutral pH soap, and moisturize with a little ointment several times a day to release and soften the flesh which will tighten due to scarring.

The skin will be swollen and you will feel a little irritated. It's normal. The scarring will cause the urge to scratch that it will absolutely be necessary to curb in order to let the crust form.

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