Talent Branding Through Recruitment Marketing Automation

by Jimmy Jammy Tech Expert

Recruiting talent in today’s world is not like it was ten, five, or even one year ago. Desirable candidates are sophisticated shoppers, and expectations of a company’s talent branding efforts have grown much higher. To truly capture hearts, minds and most of all, interest in your company’s career opportunities, you must first create a sound strategy that truly showcases your employer value proposition and employ the best and most ubiquitous tactics to get your messages out and interest in. And that’s where recruitment marketing automation (RMA) can help.

What is Recruitment Marketing Automation?

Recruitment marketing automation implements marketing tactics into the recruitment process. Candidates (active and passive)will be nurtured and swayed by a personalized array of content that moves them through the consideration process and builds awareness, adoption and acceptance of your job opportunities. RMA helps you spread your talent brand and EVP out and increases the quality and number of candidates entering into your pipeline, making a more efficient use of your time and budget dollars.

How it can Help in Your Talent Acquisition Efforts

RMA builds engagement across social platforms

From email to social media to phone calls to text messages, there are lists of ways to engage with top talent. Recruitment marketing automation (emphasis on the word “automation”) can easily help you drive engagement across a great number of platforms, as well as tie the analytics together to glean insights about application drivers by each channel. For example: A conversation on Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter can come from the same person- which led to aconversion?

Automation helps you schedule your posts to go live at peak times, no matter where your audience is. This means that your potential candidates can see your content in New York even if you’re still asleep in China. This also means that your audience will tune in to your posting times to read the new content on your website.



RMA builds trust

Getting your content out on a regular basis is just one aspect of consistency. As recruitment marketing automation makes it easy to build engagement on multiple channels, it also paves the way for a more consistent body of communication throughout. The more places candidates come into contact with the same consistent messages, the more likely they will trust you and what you say and stand for.

RMA promotes consistency for readers and SEO

From the candidate’s point of view, the consistency in your posting builds trust and keep them active and interested. And from an SEO standpoint, companies that post on a regular basis rank higher on search engines. This even boosts the organic reach of the webpages on your company’s career website.

RMA improves your knowledge

More engagement with candidates will lead to greater knowledge about who they are and what they are looking for. The RMA platform collects the information every time the users engage. This helps in building a user profile (or persona) when crafting your outbound recruitment communications and increases readership through relevance.

RMA helps in getting the message right

Getting the right message in front of the right person at right time is a must, and knowledge about candidates that an RMA platform can capture can help you do just that. For an instance, a candidate who just accepted new job might be interested in getting tips to success in their new role. The one who is looking for job might be interested in interview tips. And the one who isn’t looking for new job might be interested in getting reports on latest industry trends.

RMA promotes continuous marketing and increases your reach to target audience when they’re ready 

Automation promotes continuous marketing efforts to attract passive searchers and allows you to highlight your EVP. A potential candidate might reach out to you when they are ready to change their jobs because they have been passively engaging with you for the past 12 months.

RMA provides data-driven insights

How well did your email campaign perform? Did you receive a lot of email opens or clicks? Who are the ones who acted on your personalized ads? An RMA tool can answer all these questions providing data-driven insights on recruiting performance. These insights can later come handy to understand what is working well so that you can continue to refine. 

The Bottom Line

As digitalization is becoming the integral part of workforce, RMA will position your company as a trusted source of relevant career content and you as a proactive talent scout. Internally you will be heralded for how responsive your recruitment marketing team is, how on point your content is, how you have delivered outstanding results to the business.

And best of all, intrinsic benefits of your company, your culture and your career opportunities, or in other words “YOUR TALENT BRAND,” will be in the hearts and minds of talent everywhere 

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