Take A Quantum Leap Of Automation With Jeeves Ai To Boost Recruitment

by Recruitment Smart Sniper AI
Tedious paperwork, extensive search through CVs, putting lengthy man-hours finding the potential candidates, let alone selecting the best ones – these are just a few nuances of a recruitment process. On top of it are cognitive or unconscious biases that recruiters often exhibit while selecting applicants. The prejudiced behavior of recruiters for or against any community or gender can devoid a company of the best possible employees even when they could be right in front of their eyes.

The Solution? Keeping human intervention to the minimum, at least in the initial stages of screening candidates
Automation powered by artificial intelligence can efficiently deliver incredible results. Artificial intelligence not only screens candidates without any biases but also saves precious working hours for HR professionals. They can then focus on developing an effective induction program and other significant tasks contributing to the organisation’s growth. However, the blazing speed must deliver the outcomes with accuracy as well, which AI-driven tools provide conveniently. It is the reason why AI is the need of the hour.
AI tools level the playing field by selecting applicants based on merit and those who have the relevant skillset and experience for a specific job. Hence, using AI ensures access to the best talent and diversity at the workplace, promoting creative ideas.

How does Automation Boost Recruitment?

  • Increased Productivity: Automating processes, such as screening CVs and interview scheduling, empower recruiters to work more efficiently and make better decisions at a faster pace.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: With a streamlined process, candidates do not have to sit for long to complete the otherwise lengthy application. Additionally, faster responses build a positive outlook in candidates, developing an inclination to join the said company over others.
  • Bias-free hiring:AI-driven solutions screen and score objectively, providing an unbiased ranking of candidates by matching their experience and skills with job requirements, irrespective of their gender or ethnicity.
  • Reduced time to hire: Automating processes like candidate pre-screening and assessments, companies can spare valuable time for their HR employees and reach a decision to hire a candidate much quickly.

How Jeeves AI come into the picture for automation of recruitment?

Jeeves AI, developed by Recruitment Smart, is a tool powered by artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms that empower organisations to identify a potential candidate from a myriad of sources. Jeeves AI automates screening a candidate against a defined set of parameters and given job profiles at a blazing speed, enabling recruiters to find the best fit. Moreover, Jeeves AI has the ability to mine historical candidate databases to speed-up screening, thus boosting candidate rediscovery.

1: Offering a Seamless Process to Candidates for Enhanced Engagement

Jeeves AI provides no manual intervention while uploading a CV. The complete process is streamlined to just one step of uploading the resume, leading to higher throughput and improved completion rates.

A critical component of Jeeves AI is its conversational chatbot, which serves as a digital assistant. The chatbot has a high EQ, which engages with candidates and guides them to upload the CV in the desired format. Candidates can chat with the AI-chatbot from any channel, such as Facebook or any other job portal. The conversation, with questions and replies, can be customised as per the business rule. After the candidate uploads his/her resume in the desired format, the chatbot facilitates real-time referrals and employer and job recommendations, enhancing candidate engagement.

Jeeves AI chatbot also helps in streamlining the onboarding process by resolving HR-related concerns of candidates. It makes them well aware of the firm’s management policies and ethical guidelines. Moreover, the chatbot facilitates candidates to electronically upload the onboarding paperwork.

2: Parsing swiftly through CVs

The proprietary AI technology, deployed by Recruitment Smart, enables Jeeves AI to swiftly parse through a large influx of candidates’ CVs. Jeeves AI is trained adequately to read them thoroughly with stunning accuracy. The lightning-fast scanning of the resume and scoring a candidate happens in the backend in real-time.

Only the most relevant profiles are selected. Jeeves AI shortlists candidates based on predefined parameters or personal attributes, such as qualification and work-experience, etc.

3: Recommending the right jobs

Jeeves AI and its chatbot use a powerful search algorithm exhibiting unparalleled matching capability. Its recommendation engine mines through the listed jobs and matches the candidate’s CV against every single job profile to find a suitable fit. Driven by AI, the highly robust platform then lists the most suitable open roles to the candidate. Personalized jobs are displayed for the candidates instead of irrelevant search results, allowing quick discovery of jobs.

4: Quick browsing and easy applying

With only relevant jobs displayed to the candidate, Jeeves AI spares them the time they would have otherwise spent browsing through the long list of jobs, enhancing the candidate experience. With fewer choices, candidates find the employer responsive towards them. A good experience for a candidate becomes an opportunity for the employer to get positive word of mouth amongst the potential employees.

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