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by Recruitment Smart Sniper AI
The recruitment industry has evolved significantly over the last decade. There is a growing need for using automation tools in the industry to fuel bias-free recruitment based on merit alone. With the vaccination program running at its full swing, the worse of Covid-19, most likely, has passed. And by the end of 2021, we shall expect hiring volume to surge again. AI-driven tools have gained popularity due to the results that they have shown in acquiring exceptional talent without any hassle. With hiring volume set to increase, the interest in recruitment automation will only grow stronger.

With the global market evolving rapidly and the next generation catching up to it, slow traditional methods do not work anymore. Surveys have shown that 57% of the applicants lose interest if the hiring process is too long. 60% of candidates admit that they stopped filling a job application because the process was too tiring. Other studies have shown that 15% of employees put in more effort in their job if they are hired through a seamless process with quick responses. The above facts present all the more reasons to transform your traditional recruitment practice into one, which is much more efficient and provides a scope of automated resume screening and quick responses.

Play smart with Recruitment Smart’s Jeeves AI

Recruitment Smart presents Jeeves AI, an intelligent conversational ai tool, to transform the candidate experience by automating screening, scheduling interviews, and other significant tasks, which otherwise require human intervention for several hours. By streamlining some aspects of the recruiting workflow, experts predict recruitment automation will enhance a human recruiter’s capabilities.

Adopt Recruitment Smart’s AI-driven conversational tool, Jeeves AI, to super-charge your existing applicant tracking system and enhance candidate engagement, employer branding, and hiring efficiency.

Powered by robust machine learning technology, Jeeves AI identifies a potential candidate from a myriad of sources and automates screening against a defined set of parameters at a blazing speed. It empowers the recruiters to find the most suited talent that fits the best with the given job profile with stunning accuracy. Moreover, Jeeves AI can also mine historical candidate databases to speed up screening, thus boosting candidate rediscovery. All-in-all, Jeeves AI is a comprehensive product offering a spectrum of recruitment solutions, which save adoption and integration time and leads to better efficiencies.

Experience all-round holistic transformation of your Recruitment Practice with Jeeves AI

Faster Application Process: Instead of parsing candidates that are irrelevant to the job profile, Jeeves AI helps you select only relevant profiles. Jeeves AI shortlists candidates based on predefined parameters or personal attributes, such as qualification and work experience, etc., thereby optimising time spent on the application process.

Streamline Submission of Application: Jeeves AI provides no manual intervention while uploading a CV. The complete process is streamlined to just one step of uploading the resume, leading to higher throughput and improved completion rates.

Automated Qualifying and Pre-screening: Jeeves AI automates pre-screening a candidate and keeps the account of sending reminders, tracking performances across the recruitment lifecycle, and selecting a candidate.

Automated Scheduling Interviews and Updates: The AI-driven tool easily integrates with SMS and social apps like Facebook and takes care of scheduling interviews and other monotonous tasks. Jeeves AI sends calendar invitations intimating a candidate via email about the scheduled interview or other important updates, improving accountability and transparency. It also sends them instant feedback via SMS, keeping them abreast of their application status, thus enhancing a candidate experience and boosting the organisation’s brand value.

Candidate Engagement via Chat: The conversational chatbot of Jeeves AI serves as a digital assistant, engaging with candidates and guiding them to upload the CV in the desired format. Candidates can chat with the AI-chatbot from any channel, such as Facebook or any other job portal. The conversation, with questions and replies, can be customised as per the business rule.

Job Discovery: Jeeves AI facilitates real-time referrals and personalised job recommendations instead of tedious non-pertinent search results.

Pre-boarding: Jeeves AI chatbot helps in streamlining the onboarding process by resolving HR-related concerns of candidates. It makes them well aware of the firm’s management policies and ethical guidelines. Moreover, the chatbot facilitates candidates to electronically upload the onboarding paperwork.

Seamless Integration: Power-packed with AI-driven business analytics software, Jeeves AI empowers decision-makers to make data-driven, real-time decisions on robust, intuitive, and customized dashboards. The platform seamlessly integrates with ATS Tracking Software to provide recruiters with a holistic view of the talent pool.

Optimise Cost & Time: With screening, interview scheduling, and sending updates being completely automated, Jeeves AI spare recruiters from spending countless man-hours in hassling paperwork and manual screening and selection. It empowers recruiters to strategise more effectively, reduce the recruitment marketing cost, and find the most optimal channel for hiring.

About Recruitment Smart Technologies

Based out of London, Recruitment Smart Technologies is one of the leading HR tech companies offering B2B services, which focuses on providing AI-driven recruitment solutions. Our products like Sniper AI and Jeeves AI, deploying proprietary AI technology, empower our clients to streamline hiring, enhance candidate engagement, and recognise different means of promoting bias-free recruitment, thus boosting diversity at a workplace. Our ethos is to build products, which are highly attuned to the needs of our customers. Our robust tools empower organisations to automate talent acquisition and reduce the initial screening funnel by 60%, the time spent on CV scanning by 53%, and sourcing cost by 37%.

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