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Sustainable farming isn’t an option; it’s a necessity.

What is sustainable farming, and how does it help?

Sustainable farming is a type of agriculture that focuses on growing crops in a way that it has a minimal effect on the environment.

Sustainable agriculture methods are geared towards finding a balance between the need to grow food and the preservation of the ecological system.

Through this method, farmers learn to use innovative ways like crop rotation, cover crop, soil enrichment etc. to grow their produce.

In addition to producing good-quality food, sustainable farming also helps in conserving water by using innovative irrigation techniques like ‘Drip & Sprinkle’.

sustainable farming

It also helps in reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, promoting biodiversity in the crop grown and ecosystem.

All these go a long way in making future life on Earth viable and sustainable.

Sustainable agriculture also focuses on improving the economic condition of the farmers by training them in good agricultural practices. It helps them improve their techniques and the quality of life.

Some of the prominent sustainable agriculture methods include growing crops that produce their own nutrients, reducing the use of fertilizers.

Rotating crops minimize the need for pesticides because the crops grown on the same piece of land are changed frequently.

Another majorly used technique is mixing crops, which brings down the risk of a disease destroying the entire crop and reduces the need for pesticides.

How Does Sustainable Farming Help Us?

1.) Healthier Food Products: The crop grown using sustainable agricultural means is healthier and more nutritious. Optimal use of pesticides and fertilizers help in protecting the people from being exposed to or consuming harmful chemicals.

2.) Promotes Environmental Conservation: Sustainable agriculture methods help in replenishing natural resources like land, water and air. It ensures that these resources will be available for our future generations as environment play a crucial role in sustaining life on Earth.

3.) Enables Biodiversity: It entails producing a variety of plants resulting in biodiversity. Techniques like crop rotation and cover crops result in soil enrichment and prevention of diseases and pest infestations.

4.) Reduces Cost: The use of sustainable agriculture practices reduces the need for fossil fuel, leading to a significant reduction in costs vis-à-vis purchase and transport cost. Additionally, it brings down the cost of pesticides and fertilizers.

5.) Improves Farmers’ Economic Condition: Sustainable means of agriculture helps farmers by increasing productivity and improving the quality of the crop. It results in alleviating their economic condition and improving their standard of living.

food processing company

Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited is one such food processing company that is committed to creating a sustainable future for all. Driven by this core philosophy, the company works closely with over 10,000 contract farmers. It trains them in Jain GAP (good agricultural practices) to bring 100% natural products to the consumer.

The booming world population indicates that by 2050, we will need around 70% more food than currently being produced.

To achieve that and ensure future life on Earth, we all must do our bit.

From continents to countries, to companies, and lastly to the consumer, we all must contribute.

From farm to fork is not just some nice-sounding lore, it’s a call to do more!

Author: Rohina Chawla


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