Subtle Ways the Wrong Pair of Shoes Can Affect Your Health

by Radhika Pawar creative content writer

When browsing for a new pair of shoes, the last thing you probably think of is the effect they will have on your health. You may be looking for style, proper fitting, or a particular function. As surprising as it seems, however, shoes can impact the health of your body in a variety of ways.

Damage to Feet

Ever went on a long walk and had sore and aching feet when you were done? There's a good chance that your shoes are impacting the health of your feet. Shoes that don't have proper support or don't fit you properly can cause a range of problems in the feet. Some common ones include plantar fasciitis, lesions, and tendonitis in the feet. By purchasing a pair of shoes that is customized for your unique needs, you can prevent pain from cropping up.

Misalignment of the Body

Sure, the link between foot pain and poorly designed shoes is an obvious one. Your feet aren't the only parts of your body that will suffer from bad shoes though. By wearing a pair of shoes that don't fit right or don't have proper support, you walk with your feet in an improper angle. This angle puts a lot of pressure on the knees, which can cause arthritis and joint pain.

It doesn't stop there.

All the pressure on the knees sets your body even more out of whack, leading to a pelvis that is slightly "off". This, in turn, puts extra pressure on the hips, back muscles and spine. Your entire body will be under tremendous strain, causing soreness, arthritis, and may even make you more prone to injuries. It's a whirlwind of complications, all stemming from something as innocent as a pair of shoes.

Not Just a Women's Issue

If you're a man reading this, you may have thought you were in the clear. After all, the shoes most thought of when people think of negative health impacts are high heels. While it's true that high heels are rarely good for the body, men's shoes can do just as much damage. Wide heels have all the same problems as their narrower counterparts. Men need support in their shoes as well, to get them through long days of hard work. This is particularly important for those who are physically active, whether it be through sports, exercise, or a physically demanding job.

The Bottom Line

When choosing your next pair of shoes, ask for help from a qualified salesperson. By finding a high-quality shoe that fits properly and gives the support you need, you can feel years younger. Your joints won't feel the unneeded strain and you won't end each day groaning in pain. No more pressure sores or stooped back from nothing more than a typical day.

Here are a few things you should look for when making your purchase:

Proper sizing. Have your feet measured. If one foot is larger than the other, which isn't uncommon, always buy the larger size. Another way to make sure the shoes will fit is to try them on after a workout when your feet are slightly swollen. By doing so, you will make sure the shoes will fit even during peak activity times.

Make sure there is a proper arch and laces that will support your feet instead of putting pressure on them and causing pain.

Who knew something as simple as a pair of shoes could effect you so much? Now that you're wiser, make sure your shoes are a perfect fit. If not, go shopping for new ones right away. Perhaps a pair of mens hightop sneakers?

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