Stuck Between Brochure and Flyers? Know When You Should Use Which

by Shawn Nag Printing Service Provider

When you are in the process of choosing your printed promotional tool, it is necessary that you have a clear concept about that. Well, you might feel that they serve only the purpose of promoting you. But this is a limited perspective. Each printed tool has its own utility, context, relevance and demographic. For example, brochures and flyers. Both of these are hugely popular mediums, widely used for local printed marketing of brands. Both are printed and cost-effective along with some fundamental similarities. But the use of these two can be very different from one another.

Brochure and Flyer
Before we start figuring out which one you should opt for while you are going for either brochures or flyers, it is better that you get the basic concept of what these really are. A flyer is a sheet of paper, printed on one or both sides. Generally, it is used for disposable marketing. The flyer can be used for handout as well as pinning on the bulletin board.

Brochures are one sheet of paper. However, it is generally folded twice or thrice. If you are going to share more content than a flyer but less than a catalog, then brochures are the best bet.

Now, as you know what these two tools are, let’s take a look at the following points to know when to use and which before you place your order for flyers and brochures printing. Read on to know more.

Difference in Design
When you are offering some limited information to your potential customer in the catchiest way, flyer printing should be your option. An attractive image, a catchy tagline, some hot favorite offer, and your flyer will garner the response you are aiming for. For instant marketing with maximum customization flexibility like different industry-specific shapes and bulk order, flyers are really good tool.

Brochures are, on the other hand, full of information. Mostly, brochures are for your niche audience. When your customer is stopping by your office or looking for related services you offer, you hand them the brochure that will give them a clear idea along with image and textual content. You need to make sure though, you are not cluttering it with too much information. Maintain a balance between visual and textual content along with white space.

Brand Message
When it comes to delivering a brand message, flyers will convey short messages with instant response. You will be using short content with an attractive visual. It will reach the audience instantly. But when you are using brochures, you can use a lot of content with attractive graphics.

The Timing
Are you looking for an instant increase in footfalls? Or are promoting your event just a day before and expecting the largest crowd to turn up? Flyer printing services can help you on both the occasion. But when you are already communicating with your targeted audience and looking for more engagement with the relevant product or services, brochures can be the best option.

So, when you are choosing one of the two with a clear concept of what you need, what are you waiting for? Hire a company for flyers and online brochure printing and place your order.

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