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Muscles, dear muscles need two things for reaching perfection, that is, work out and supplementation. The optimum nutrition mass gainer is the ideal dietary supplement for muscular health. The supplement caters to muscle development, muscle replenishment, and muscle mass increment.


Mass gainer renders additional nutrients, and bulk up your muscles. The optimum nutrition mass gainer nutrition label tells that the supplement contains all the macros and a few essential micronutrients as well. You will find herein carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. There are certain vitamins, enzymes, and minerals also. Thus, the nutrition and fitness angle of the ON mass gainer is high. For the health of muscles, protein and carbs are vital. Muscle gainers must also maintain a calorie surplus, which is gaining more calories than spending. With strenuous exercise, automatically energy and calorie expenditure increase. Hence, taking the ON mass gainer is vital as it gives an instant boost to your energy.





The optimum nutrition serious mass gainer protein powder comes with amazing benefits. Here is a note on the same-


High Calories

The optimum nutrition mass gainer is helpful in offering high calories. It is easy to mix and offers instant caloric increment. Hard gainers are especially in need of a calorie-rich dietary supplement. The ON mass gainer offers rich nutrients to increase your training capacity. Taking the mass gainer after an exercise will aid the muscle replenishment process.

Stay Leaner


The optimum nutrition mass gainer nutrition label depicts the scientifically formulated nutrients that it contains. These high-end ingredients keep your muscles lean. The ON mass gainer has dietary fat which leads to proper muscle mass increment. The ON mass gainers contain medium-chain triglycerides and low saturated fat.




The optimum nutrition mass gainer is good for post-workout. It contains a variety of nutrients that fasten up the muscle replenishment process. In fact, the ON mass gainer can also be taken as a meal substitute. Little fat and more carbs make it a fulfilling cum nutritious dietary supplement. After an exercise you incur fatigue and a good meal is necessary. In this scenario taking the ON mass gainer is a good option. It is convenient to mix and consume and works just as equally to that of a heavy meal.

Post-exercise is the prime time to feed your muscles. It contains fast-acting carbohydrates that cater to the insulin cycle and also pump amino acids into the muscle cells much more quickly.

Different Calorie Levels

The ON mass gainer offers a range of calories. You can personalise your dose according to the calorie requirement. By scheduling the right amount of calories via the ON mass gainer you can build muscle effectively. The ON mass gainer is appropriate for all sorts of needs.

Creatine fulfilment

Another benefit of the ON mass gainer is that it caters to fulfilling one’s creatine requirements. Creatine is just as necessary for bodybuilders and muscle gainers as are carbs and proteins. With the optimum nutrition mass gainer protein powder you can get both creatine and carbs together. So you get to save your money on buying an additional creatine supplement.

Faster recovery

As it can be seen on the optimum nutrition mass gainer label, the supplement contains glutamine which leads to faster recovery. Glutamine enhances the muscle recovery rate. After an extensive exercise, you need a good jolt of nutrients to recover. Amino acids, protein, and glutamine are those ingredients that can boost this muscle recovery process. The ON mass gainer contains all these three components plus other muscle recovery ingredients as well. Add to faster recovery, L- glutamine is also helpful in strengthening the immune system.

Lift heavier


The ON mass gainer boosts up the weight lifting capacity of an individual. It offers creatine which turns into creatine phosphate and gets stored in the muscles. Thus, it is ultimately used for your energy. During weight lifting and weight training, creatine phosphate gets converted into ATP, which is the primary unit of energy. Thus, it helps to combat fatigue as well as build your muscles.  Creatine helps in muscle mass increment when combined with exercise.


Contains vitamins and minerals


Next, the optimum nutrition mass gainer powder is inclusive of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It builds energy for training sessions. The healthy mix of multivitamins caters to the consumer’s micro-nutrient needs and improves metabolism plus immunity. The result is more energy for intense training sessions.  It contains B vitamins which convert the body’s food into fuel and produces energy. Vitamin C, on the other hand, builds and supports immunity, which is necessary for bodybuilders. Vitamin E and vitamin A work as antioxidants meaning they scavenge free radicals. And calcium keeps your bones strong while iron enhances your haemoglobin in the body.



The optimum nutrition serious mass gainer comes in various flavours such as Dymatize vs optimum nutrition mass gainer, optimum nutrition mass gainer chocolate, super mass gainer optimum nutrition, and the optimum nutrition serious mass gainer protein powder vanilla. The supplement is super easy to mix and is loaded with nutrients plus deliciousness. The ON serious mass gainer is noted for its special qualities such as:

High calories lead to weight increment, especially muscle weight increment;

Works best when followed by regular resistance exercise and a balanced diet;

Is good for people with active metabolism, skinny people, bodybuilders, hard gainers, weight lifters, and people who are really active and in need of high energy;

The ON mass gainer powder offers 1200+ Calories, 50 grams of high-quality protein, 250 grams of carbohydrates per serving along with 23+ vitamins and minerals, creatine & glutamine;


The supplement can be taken post-workout, pre-workout and even in between the meals to add calories, carbs and protein to your healthy, balanced diet;


Absolutely authentic and organically manufactured;


Easy to use. Simply mix the powder in water or milk via an electric blender. You can also add fresh or frozen fruits, peanut butter, nuts and other calorie-dense foods to boost your weight gain potential;


Rich in other our ingredients like whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate;


Follows high quality and safety guidelines.





Often muscle gainers question about dymatise v/s ON mass gainer. The difference is simple. Dymatise mass gainer is a heavy caloric supplement. It contains 1300 calories per serving. The dymatise mass gainer supplement gives you healthy abs without incurring any extra fat. Plus the protein blend is of high quality since it contains whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, and micellar casein.  All these proteins combined together help in increasing the delivery of amino acids to muscle tissues. This further translates into more muscles and fastens up the recovery time. Thus the supplement aids more conversion to muscles and is more able to quickly recover the muscles after a workout. The supplement is a highly intense protein mixture.

The optimum nutrition mass gainer, on the other hand, offers 1,250 calories per serving. It increases your capacity to lift more and completes your daily caloric needs.  The ON mass gainer offers 50 grams of protein blend,   calcium caseinate, egg albumin, sweet dairy whey, and whey protein concentrate. The ON mass gainer is differentiated from the dymatise mass gainer because it contains para-aminobenzoic acid, creatine monohydrate, l-glutamine, glutamine peptides, and inositol.


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