Stick welding tips that will help you in producing good quality welds

by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical
Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is one of the basic methods of welding process and one of the easiest to learn. With a little patience and practice, you will be able to produce fine quality welds. This welding process is used more than other methods of welding. This welding technique makes use of a covered electrode which is known as a stick. 

This process works by melting the flux that covers the electrode and welds a metal piece. It also produces gas and flux as these both shield the arc and the weld pool of molten metal. The welding professional must chip off the slag after the work piece has been welded. The flux also adds certain type of alloy elements and other impurities to the metal during the weld. 

This welding process is flexible and versatile which makes it possible to be used by many welding professionals. You can use this type of welding to make small repairs around your home, for repairing equipment and used in the erection of still and also in various other types of commercial welding. 

This welding procedure has many advantages. It is one the most inexpensive methods of welding as SMAW welders are easy to use, portable and less costly to other welding equipment. The welding professional doesn’t have to worry about regulating the flux as the electrode does the regulating itself. This method of welding can be used to weld in any position. Also, it is less affected by contaminants like wind and draft whereas other welding processes especially the gas shielded ones are affected a lot by these factors. 

Some important tips to be a good stick welder:

Make use of the right electrode for the job

Many welders make it a mistake as they are not sure of the size of electrode they should use. Size of the electrode depends on the situation you are welding for example you need to weld vertically and fight against the gravity.  

Do not undercut if possible

This happens as you have to weave the electrode and your work may be gouged and don’t have enough filler metal. In such condition, reduce the puddle size so you can have more control.   

Do not use the weird sizes of the metal

Most of the metals are available in specific sizes and you must ensure to use them. This way you can weld the metals faster and easily. Also, the standard sizes are available in the market easily. 

Make sure that you know your arc length

The standard rule is that you use an arc length that is the same distance from the metal as your electrode’s thickness. Also, while using the electrode move it closer to the metal. 

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