Achieve a Slag-Free and Clean Weld with the Help of TIG Weld

by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical

Metals are joined by using at least sixty-seven processes welders. One process is different from another in terms of the type of heat, pressure, and equipment used. Among all, one of the most popular welding processes is TIG welding. It provides high-quality welds but also needs a high level of skill. Let’s know more about TIG welding.

TIG welding

It is an alternative name for gas tungsten arc welding. In the 1930s and 1940s, the aircraft industry made it to weld magnesium. Basically working of the process is like this: TIG weld produces an arc between the non-consumable tungsten electrode (a kind of electrode that doesn’t melt) and the base metal. At the point where the base metal is hit by the arc, a molten weld pool is formed. A filler metal’s thin wire gradually fed into the weld pool, where it gets melt. After this, weld pool from oxygen contamination and tungsten electrode are protected by an inert shielding gas. No fluxes are utilized. The finished product is a slag-free and sound weld that has similar properties of corrosion resistance that the parent metal has.

Use of TIG welding

In comparison to any other type of process, TIG welding can be utilized for more metals. Due to this reason, a large span of industries relies on this welding process. In the aerospace industry, it is utilized in the construction of airplanes and spacecraft. TIG welding is utilized by auto manufacturers on fenders for its anti-corrosive properties. It is also used in auto body repair shops worldwide. This welding is also appreciated by the artists due to its highest quality and they utilize them in sculpture welding.

What benefits will you get with TIG welding?

One of the key advantages of TIG welding is the amount of control allowed by it. A TIG weld can control amperage and heat with accuracy utilizing a thumb or foot remote control switch. The TIG welder is thin that provides the excellent ability to the welder to get a control over the process. As an end result, TIG welding is best for those projects where detailed curves or designs are needed on the base metal.

As the low amperage is utilized by the TIG welding torch, the process works perfectly on thin metal or pieces. But the combination of the remote control switch and low amperage allows welders to switch their working from thin pieces of metals to thick ones in a quick way and this makes TIG welding a versatile process.  Since no fluxes are utilized and it’s possible to make a weld-bead of low profile, the weld is lag-free and clean.

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