Stay Productive During The Holiday Season

by Puja Sharma Content Writer

The holiday season is coming up, and you are planning to book a stay in one of the 5 star hotels in Bangalore or 5 star resorts in Goa for that perfect getaway. We get that you have planned this holi-day for a while now, and you intend to do nothing but call room service and spend endless days in bed. This seems like a good break, but it also helps to ensure that you you stay in good shape or you will never be able to get over the holiday once you head back to work.

  • A holiday doesn't mean you go on a binge eating and drinking session and just go from one hangover to another. You could enjoy your break and still stay fit, emotionally and physically. Yes, if you are interested in indulging in one of the adventure sports, sailing or other water sports during your stay in Goa, do so by all means. But, make sure to also keep yourself well-rested, and hydrated. A balance and a semblance of routine should go a long way to help you get back on track. So, what would you do if you were staying in one of the 5 star resorts in Goa or 5 star ho-tels in Bangalore?
  • Don't drastically alter your sleep timings. If you wake up early every day, try to ensure you wake up around the same time even during your holiday at one of the 5 star hotels in Bangalore. Stay close to your regular bedtime as well. This way, the momentum is maintained. If you have to fo-cus on work-related matters, devote a certain time of the day, and do it, so you have a stress-free transition to work.
  • If you devote half an hour to work-related tasks, ensure that you devote it to tying up certain loose ends, sending out some mails, scheduling meetings or making future appointments. Pick tasks that don't need too much mind space but still need completion. Thank-you notes, reminders etc could all be done in that space.
  • The best way to stay productive over the long-term, and not just during your stay in one of the 5 star resorts in Goa or any other destination, is to meditate for a few minutes at the same time eve-ry day. It helps you focus and stay energised and in harmony with your present.
  • A holiday is also a good time to catch up on forgotten pleasures; a bit of reading and note-taking, a good swim session that helps you stay fit or solving a crossword to stay sharp is not a bad idea.
  • If you are staying in one of the 5 star hotels in Bangalore or any other destination, there is bound to be a well-equipped gym. If you work out regularly, you should work out during your holiday as well.
  • If you have started a new habit or broken an old bad habit, please don't take a complete break from them. This could be counting calories or stopping smoking. It could be your resolution to eat salads and veggies - 5 star resorts in Goa or whichever premium resort you are on a holiday in will have healthy food options to help you stay fit.
  • Staying in one of the 5 star resorts in Goa or Bangalore also gives you access to the spa, where a line of Ayurvedic and Western healing therapies are available. Make full use of the spa; opt for massages or healing methods that will rid you of your stress and exertions. You will head back home all batteries recharged.

Poll: Do you maintain some of your regular habits and routine while on a holiday or take a complete break from your regular life?

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