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by Vijaya Solanki Healthcare Doctor

Sex reassignment surgery is carried out by trans people. There are certain people identified as the third gender who do not feel comfortable in the body that they are born in. Thus, they seek a transformation. This transformation points to bodily transformation. A male thus ends up surgically getting a female’s body and a female that of a male. There exist two types of sex reassignment surgeries namely male to female and female to male.

In a male to female sex reassignment surgery, the penis of the man is shaped in the form of a vagina. This is done after hormone therapy. It is not compulsory to change the genitals. But there are people who look for a complete transformation. In addition to this other characteristic female body parts like breast implants and buttock implants are also done. Then the facial features are also changed. Sharp and crisp yet delicate female features are designed. A series of surgeries are done to get female like genitals. A functional vagina is made which is erogenous. Then a clitoris is also designed. These surgeries are risky and should be carried out by certified professionals.

In case of a female to male surgery to female surgery a hormone therapy is done first too. Then if the female wishes to get a phallus then a separate surgery is done of this purpose. Then reduction or removal of breasts is done. Many a changes start showing just after the hormone therapy. So, consult a doctor before going for surgeries concerned with the creation of a phallus. These are risky procedures and need to be talked through well before being executed.

How to Find the Best Doctor for Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery  is done in order to change the gender or sex of a given person. Some people do not feel comfortable in the very body that they are born in. Sex reassignment surgery is one means by which these people can get a complete body transformation. The surgeries involved in this very procedure are very extensive. They require a lot of precision and care. This can only be ensured by experienced surgeons. Female transformations are more complicated than male ones. N all there are two types of sex reassignment surgeries namely male to female and female to male. This is an umbrella term and a number of surgeries are innate to it. Thus a best fit surgeon for sex reassignment surgery is  one who is very well aware of all the aspects of this surgery. So, follow the below mentioned points when going for a sex reassignment surgery in raipur.

l  It should be ensured that sex reassignment surgery is carried out by a certified surgeon.

l  The surgeon carries out the required tests.

l  The doctor or the surgeon must be a master of his trade.

l  The surgeon must own a legit clinic or be part of a hospital.

l  The surgeon must follow all the protocols before carrying out the surgery.

l  The surgeon must ensure that the patient is counseled well before the surgery.

l  One must look into the profile of the surgeon.

l  Before and after pictures should also be monitored.

l  Make sure you read the reviews about the surgeon thoroughly before going for the surgery.


Sex Reassignment Surgery Results and Aftercare

Sex reassignment surgery in Mumbai  is one of the most sort after surgeries these days. There are many transition people who are going for sex change surgery. There exists two types of sex reassignment surgeries i.e. male to female surgery and female to male surgery. This is a umbrella term that includes a number of surgeries.

The results of this surgery are lasting. The changes that ones body undergoes post this surgery are long lasting itself. The transition individuals need to take care of their body after the surgery. In case of a male to female transition the trans individual gets primary female characteristics. This may include a pair of breasts, a fully fully functional vagina, enlarged buttocks and a curvy body structure. The facial features are also refined and toned after this very surgery. In case of female to male surgery, the gentilia is changed. In addition to this the body is toned properly. Then facial features are made in accordance with that of a male. Breasts are definitely removed too. There are instances when trans people just get a hormonal therapy to get a transition.

The aftercare procedure of these surgeries involves are many. These are mentioned below-

l  Abstain from smoking

l  Avoid heavy weight lifting

l  Take bed rest for a couple of days.

l  Eat a healthy diet

l  Take medicines regularly

l  Be vigilant about any complications

l  Wear compression clothes if recommended


Cost of Sex Reassignment Surgery in India

Sex reassignment surgery as the name suggests is done in order to change the gender of a given person. Trans people are going for this surgery. There are people around the world who do not feel comfortable in the very body that they are born in. So, they seek to make alterations in their bodies to feel comfortable. Sex reassignment surgery is one means by which this chore can be done.

There exists two types of sex reassignment surgeries namely male to female and female to male sex reassignment surgery. Various surgeries are carried out to get the perfect look. In a male to female sex reassignment surgery the construction of a functional vagina, breasts, full buttocks and fine facial features is done. In a female to male sex reassignment surgery creation of a functional phallus, scrotum, male facial features, etc. are included. So, the exact price varies a lot. Some people need certain features while others do not. A typical Sex reassignment surgery in India costs on an average Rs. 3, 00, 000. This is a really expensive surgery.  So, one must decide meticulously before going for it. Major cities in India expertise in carrying out this very surgery.

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