A Step-by-Step Guide to Breast Reduction In India

by Vijaya Solanki Healthcare Doctor

As the name suggests breast reduction surgery is done in order to reduce the size of breasts. There are several reasons why people undergo this very surgery. Some of these reasons are mentioned below-

·        To reduce the size of breast

·        To undergo sex change surgery

·        Due to cosmetic reasons

Breast reduction surgery is carried out by the liposuction method. In this surgery, excessive fats from the breast is take out by means of a tube called cannula. The fat is then moved back and forth to loosen it. The fat is then removed. As a result of which the size of the breast decreases. In liposuction tiny incisions are made on the desired location of the body. Post this very surgery, these incisions go away after some time.

This is done in order to get a desired breast size. Most of the time it is done due to cosmetic reasons. There are some women who do not feel comfortable in their breast size. So, these women can go for this surgery. Large breasts cause physical discomfort and are often the prime cause of back pain in women. Thus, women go on to reduce the very size of their breasts by this surgery.

Another factor is disproportionality of breasts. Many women try to get a proportional breast composition with breast reduction surgery. This surgery is also done in order to witness serious medical conditions.

Breast Reduction and After Care

Breast reduction is a procedure by which women who have larger breasts get it reduced. Heavier breasts cause a lot of bodily discomfort. So, this is the reason why some people get rid of heavier breasts. Breast reduction is carried out by liposuction surgery method. Liposuction is a procedure by which extra fats from ones body can be removed using a narrow tube called cannula. This very tube sucks out the excessive fats from the body.

Liposuction is a simple procedure. One can get breast reduction surgery by means of liposuction and get discharged on the very day. The after care procedure involves one to be really careful. Women are asked to wear a supporting bra or a compression garment after the surgery. The marks left due to liposuction go away after some time. Initially they stay for some time but eventually fade away. One must take care of their new boobs well. Make sure you ensure that there is no chance of infection or allergy. Also make sure that you have a healthy diet.

How to Find the Best Doctor for Breast surgery in India

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure by which the size of breasts is reduced. There are women out there who are unhappy by the way their breasts look. Apart from this heavy breasts have their own share of problems. They end up causing bodily discomfort. So, may women seek to get rid of the. The size of breasts is removed by liposuction method. The excess fat is removed by the help of a thin narrow tube and a suction pump. Thus, finding the best surgeon is the key here. Go for a surgeon if he or she satisfies the following points-

l  It should be ensured that breast reduction surgery is carried out by a certified surgeon.

l  The doctor or the surgeon must be a master of his trade.

l  The surgeon must own a legit clinic or be part of a hospital.

l  The surgeon must follow all the protocols before carrying out the surgery.

l  The surgeon must ensure that the patient is counseled well before the surgery.

l  One must look into the profile of the surgeon.

l  Before and after pictures should also be monitored.

l  Make sure you read the reviews about the surgeon thoroughly before going for the surgery.


Cost of Breast Reduction In Indore  

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure by which the size of breasts is decreased. Some women who are no happy with the size of their breasts go for it. Heavier breasts can be a hurdle in day to day life. They can cause back pain. In addition to this women start losing options when it comes to clothes. Heavy breasts can even be a major cause of breast cancer. So, these are the reasons why women out there are going for breast reduction procedures in India. A typical breasts reduction procedure in India costs anything between Rs. 60, 000 to Rs. 3, 00, 000. So, this varies from person to person. Breasts are reduced by liposuction methods. Liposuction is done using a cannula or think narrow tube to suck the excessive fat out using a suction pump.

The success rate of this surgery is high. One must wisely decide on the surgeon to go for this very surgery. Make sure that the surgeon is a certified one and a specialist in this trade.

Breast Reduction homemade remedies

Many women out there go or breast reduction therapies. Heavy breasts can cause a lot of unrest in a woman’s body. They effect their posture and a constant cause of back pain. They can also turn cancerous.

1. Exercise

Regular exercise can help shed chest fat. They also strengthen the muscles underneath the breasts. This helps in reducing the overall size of the breasts.

One can focus on cardio and high-intensity exercises that can help shed weight faster from the target problem areas. Aerobic exercises like stair climbing, cycling, and power walking can speed up this very process. So, exercising is also a good way of getting over this condition.

Strength training exercises such as pushups can also help. They tone the chest and change the appearance of ones breasts. It is recommended to do these exercises for half an hour daily

2. Diet

Our diet or hat we eat plays a part in the amount of fat we store in your body. Overall body fat I an important deciding factor that contributes to breast size.

Maintaining a balance of exercise and a healthy diet is thus recommended. They optimize your weight loss and they thus decrease your breast size to a very large extent. Eating more calories than you actually burn can cause the breasts to grow.

There are certain foods like lean meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables that help in reducing fats or burning fats from the body. Avoid eating processed food and make necessary changes in your diet.

3. Green tea

Green tea is another natural remedy that helps in weight loss. Green tea contains a number of antioxidants and thus helps in detoxing wastes from our bodies. It can boost our metabolism to burn fat and calories. This reduced fat in turn reduces the size of your breasts. Drinking green tea throughout the day is recommended. Try to have this tea after every meal.

4. Ginger

Similar to green tea, ginger can help to stimulate our metabolism.This too burns excess fat throughout the body. It is recommended to drink this tea three times in a day. This wil ensure a guaranteed and desirable result.

5. Flax seed

Some fatty acids, like omega-3 fatty acids, are important they help for brain function, lowering blood pressure, and regulating hormones. This is essential in breast reduction. This prevents imbalance of hormones in the body. Many a time hormonal imbalance causes the breasts to grow bigger. So, these natural remedies can work wonders here.

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t naturally produce some of the nutrients we need. We have to get them from eating foods to help our body. Omega rich food can be helpful here. They also help in improving digestion in our body.

One can add flax seed to your foods or drink it with water.

6. Egg whites

Another way to reduce breast size is by working on improving the skin tone of the breasts. Breastfeeding, aging, and weight loss can cause the breasts to sag over time. Having egg whites increases the elasticity of the breasts.

Beat two egg whites until they form a foam. Then apply it on the breasts. Leave it for 30 min to dry and soak in the skin. When this is done, just go and remove this. Carry out this practice for a few weeks. You will definitely get to see impressive results.

7. Clothing

Properly fitting clothes also help in making the boobs look smaller. Dress smarter. You will get to see positive results. It is important to wear a good fitting bra. An ill-fitting bra also destroys the shape of the breasts.

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