Sperm Motility Adverse Effect on Fertility

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Infertility problem affects both men and women. In the case of men, there are different causes that problem can occur. The fertility of men is affected when the sperm movement is not proper. In this guide, we will tell you how sperm motility can leave a negative impact on the fertility of men.

What is sperm motility?

Motility is referred to as the movement. So sperm motility describes how the sperm moves. In case, it is not proper then it can affect fertility. Sperm motility is of 2 types.

  • Progressive motility is linked to when the sperm is moving in either in large circles or in a straight line.
  • Non-Progressive motility is linked to when the sperm is not able to move in a straight line or it is swimming in tight circles.

The sperm needs to reach the reach for fertilization and their progressive motility needs to be 25 micrometers a second at least. The problem of male infertility rises when the patient is diagnosed with the sperm motility which is less than 32% and the sperm is not able to move properly.

How sperm motility affect fertility?

Many couples around the world are facing the issue infertility which includes both men and women. Around 7% of cases are when the issue of infertility is with men. The problem occurs because of deficiency in semen which includes:

  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm motility
  • Abnormal sperm shape

Reasons Behind Low Motility

The sperm quality can get poor because the testicles are affected. At the time, the reason is not known properly. But, when the testicle is damaged it means the sperm cannot store it effectively which affects its quality. Some of the common causes:

  • an issue a man is born with
  • infection
  • testicular surgery
  • undescended testicles
  • injury
  • testicular cancer


To know if the men are experiencing the fertility issue semen analysis is done. The test helps to know about sperm formation and how are they interacting with semen fluid. The sample will be taken and to increase the semen volume it is advised to not have intercourse for 2 to 7 days.

For the best quality, the doctor will keep it close to the body so that it is close to body temperature. In most cases, 2 samples are collected between the time gap of 2 to 4 weeks. If the percentage is less than 32% then sperm motility is poor.

What are the treatment options available?

If the case is very severe then you need to get infertility treatment. There are different treatment options which are given:

IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization)

The IVF doctor will recommend this treatment option because its results are best and it has a high success rate. During the treatment, the egg and sperm will be fertilized together and once the embryo is formed it will be put back in the female reproductive tract.

IUI (Intrauterine insemination)

With IUI method, the sperm will be washed and collected. The best sperm it will be inserted into the reproductive tract.

Sperm Donation

Another option is that you can receive the sperm which can be used with IVF treatment.

If you are facing problem then visit our IVF centre and get the best treatment plan for your problem from our fertility doctor.

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