Male Infertility is Rising - Are You in That Circle Too?

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What is male infertility?

Infertility is explained as a failure to conceive a child. These days this problem is not only associated with females but men also encounter this fertility problem. In addition, men’s fertility is basically based on the quantity and quality of sperm. This male infertility is quite common these days as female infertility. Majority of fertility issues are related to female and one-third are related to male. Some of the percentages of infertility are associated with both genders which are usually known as unexplained infertility. Because even researchers are unable to find the reason behind this condition.

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There are several signs of infertility such as sperm health disorders, Small, firm testicles, changes in hair growth, swelling in testicles, changes in sexual desire, and problems with erections and ejaculation. These are common symptoms if infertility in each age group of men.

Causes of infertility in males

Many doctors reveal that they are unable to find the exact reason for male infertility. But there are various causes that are categorized in 2 ways such as environmental causes and genetic causes. The environmental causes include obesity, such type of drugs, for instance, smoking, liquor, or marijuana, overheating, a certain type of medications, and over-exercising. In addition, they also include previous surgeries, injuries, varicocele, and chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and malnutrition.

Genetic reasons behind infertility in males

They include hormonal changes or problems related to a hormone produced organs such as thyroid or adrenal gland. Additionally, irregular changes in genes and mutations inside the genes that are known as Y-chromosomes.


Treatment of male infertility includes stress relief therapies, low sperm count procedure, IVF, exercise, acupuncture, certain medications, and a healthy diet. These are explained as below-:

A healthy diet

You should consume a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and calcium. You should additionally intake vitamins such as folic acid and L-carnitine. Green vegetables and fresh fruits are useful to give you strength and maximize your sperm count.

IVF treatment

IVF treatment is the best infertility treatment in which male infertility is treated with ICSI treatment. This ICSI is known as  Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection in which your surgeon directly injects the sperm to the egg. This treatment will give you 100% safe and successful results because it has no side effects.

Certain medications

You must take some antibiotics and fertility medications such as  Clomiphene, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and LH/FSH injections.


Acupuncture is totally safe and secure treatment because it is the too traditional method to treat many problems but it is too effective for fertility problems.

Avoid stress

Stress and depression lead to many health problems such as infertility, hair loss, heart disorders, and PCOS in women. You must go for stress-relief therapies such as oil massage and meditation. These will give you real relief and comfortable. You and additionally practice yoga postures which are useful to treat many problems in a natural way. Exercise plays an important role in everyone’s life because this is a treatment for many conditions. 

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