Spare or Kill Shimura in Ghost of Tsushima

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Ghost of Tsushima offers a great adventure, rewards, and fights with a perfect storyline. Throughout the game, players have to make some tough decisions. Among several tough decisions, one of the toughest one comes when the game asks you to “kill” or “spare” the life of Shimura. This moment arrives at the end of the game. Now either you can “honour the life of Shimura by killing him” or “spare his life and walk away.” Both of these options appear simple but actually quite complex. The results of both choices are quite different, and it all depends on the choice you make. Before choosing any option between the two, you should know what will happen after both choices.

Kill or Spare the Life of Shimura in Ghost of Tsushima

When you reach the end of the line, you have two options that will decide the destiny of Jin. At this point of life, Jin is not just fighting against the Mongols but also protecting himself from his mentor at the Castle Shimura. However, this incident will cause Jin to fight against Shimura and he will be declared as a traitor.

In the game, Jin is also battling an internal conflict between an honourable path of samurai taught by Shimura and relying on fighting methods that stray him from his true samurai path. As an example, Jin assassinates his enemies by killing them from behind rather than face to face and also poisons Castle Shimura.

What Will Happen When You Kill Shimura in Ghost of Tsushima?

Shimura is the one who taught Jin fighting. He is a traditional samurai, and for him, tradition and honour matter the most. However, for Jin, it’s not easy to kill his uncle. It’s more like his uncle is trying to teach him the meaning of true Samurai’s honour.

If you decide to give death to Shimura, Jin will say to his uncle that, “he will be remembered as a father, a wise leader and warrior.”

Shimura will appreciate and thank Jin and then tell him to “look for him in the next life.” Both warriors say their goodbyes to each other, and Jin stabs Shimura in the chest to kill him.

It will end the story of the game, and you will get some particular items from the Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Jin will receive a residence at Dawn Refuge.
  • Jin will say to Yuna that “Clan Sakai” is finished and he is now labelled as a traitor.
  • Jin will receive a white “Ghost Armour” that’s called “Righteous Punishment.”

What Will Happen When You Spare Shimura in Ghost of Tsushima?

For some players killing Shimura might be too much to bear, so they can choose to spare his life. Shimura wants to die an honourable death, but the journey of Ghost of Tsushima changed Jin a lot. So if you choose not to kill Shimura, Jin will say to his uncle that, “he’s without the honour, and he will not kill a family member.”

At the moment, Shimura warns Jin, “he will haunt him for the rest of his days”, but Jin doesn’t listen to him. Jin bows in front of Shimura, puts on his mask and walks away. Watching Jin walk away, Shimura either feels heartbroken or worried.

It will end the story of the game, and you will get some particular items from the Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Jin will receive a residence at the Tradition’s End.
  • Jin will receive a red “Ghost Armour” that’s called “Vow of Vengeance.”

Which Option is More Preferable?

Among both of these options, Killing Shimura presents a better ending of the game even if it’s depressing and tragic. The items you will receive (Dawn Refuge and white Ghost Armour) after killing Shimura are also great. Shimura wanted to die, and it was his last wish as well, so you should kill him in the end.

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