How to Maximize Your Replay Abilities in Tekken 7

by Emma Justin SEO Excutive

Tekken 7 is the seventh installment in the much-renowned fighting game franchise of Tekken. It is one of the legends of the industry with a considerable fan base, and the latest game in the line was a massive success due to its new game mechanics and graphics updates. Tekken 7 took significant steps to increase the appeal of the game to the masses by bringing in old and new characters into the fray. This automatically worked as it gave the game a lot of re-playable value and gave the players a thousand different customization options. All of these put together, Tekken7 was a massive hit with cult fans and followers and also with new players who just came into the genre for the first time.

The latest feature added to the popular fighting game title is the new replay feature. A common addition to most fighting games, the replay mechanic opens up almost endless possibilities for improvement. With a chance to practice and further look into everything done by the player, it holds the potential to improve even the worst players’ game if worked with properly.


Introduced for the very first time in Tekken 7, this feature in the gameplay means precisely what it says. The replay feature helps you to look into the fight after it is over, although it might seem like a drag onto your game, using it makes more sense. There are a lot of different characters in Tekken 7, and that results in seemingly unlimited combinations of fighting styles. And one of the significant aspects of fighting games is to study the moves of your opponent. Before this feature, the only way to do it was to lose over and over again, but now you can watch the fight in multiple settings using it to your advantage to gain the upper hand in the next upcoming fight.

By watching matches that you either won or lost, players determine precisely what they lost to in a given matchup whether it be learning how to deal with Eddy’s gimmicks or that side-stepping Kazuya to the left shutdowns his offence. Using this replay system to learn lessons from tough matches is what separates the best players from the worst. Regardless, getting frustrated over losses is a common thing, but using the replay system to study where you went wrong gives you an opportunity to hone your skills to try for a win in the next match.


This new feature allows for an unprecedented amount of potential knowledge to be attained, which was not available in any of its previous versions. Although the replay system is majorly used to look back about what you did wrong, instead, it can be used equally as effectively about what you did right. Honing your skills over and over again by refining what you are good at gives you a significant edge over your opponent in online matches.

Whether it be noticing how a particular combo string is difficult to punish, or your ability to mix up mid hitting attacks with low hitting attacks, or how well you utilize throws in your game plan, there is always something to be taken from your gameplay. Everyone is good at something, and to use the replay system just to look at defeats is not fair to the player. Improving your skills through knowing what you can do better or by learning something new, the new replay feature in Tekken 7 has you covered.

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