Something you do not know in daily life

by Min Leung Saller
1. The back of the shirt collar buttons

On this, there are three sounds reasonable to say:

Shirts used to hang up;

Dating back to the era of detachable shirt collar: to help people more quickly fasten your tie.

The most romantic way of saying, a university student from the United States, he said, and when he began dating a girl, buttons on the collar will take down to prove that he is "the Lord", and his girlfriend it will put the buttons on his scarf.

2. laptop charging small cylinder line

Although it is small, but it is an important part of the laptop, the "ferrite bead."

Under the action of magnetic, can make a normal useful signal through the well, but suppressed by a high-frequency interference signals, input and output to improve the quality, cost is very low.

3. The holes on the aircraft window

The official name of the dots is actually a "breathing holes" can be used to adjust the pressure between the inside and outside two layers of window glass.

In simple terms, this is a small hole in order to make up one part of the system to ensure that the layer of material outside of the aircraft carrying the highest pressure, so even if there is some case any thing, it can also act according to circumstances, to ensure that you can in the cabin continue breathing.

In addition, the breathing holes can play the role of anti-fog humidity, which is why you look out from the cabin view is always so clear.

4. Part of the blue rubber

Pink rubber part of the paper can remove most of the remaining traces, while the blue part of the general "useless."

But rubber producers found that people may not know much about the real use of the blue part of the rubber, for which they are specifically to put pen eraser blue part of the picture, to tell people that it is possible to remove the pen mark.

5. The uppermost lateral buttonhole shirt

Another "fans of shirt buttons," the problem is - why the first button of his shirt and the last buttonhole is horizontal, while others are vertical buttonholes?

There are claims that: Portrait of a buttonhole has a distinct advantage is that the force will not be deformed, it looks better. For cross buckle, the post under tension, the side buttons will be side-tracked and lose symmetrical beauty. However, the probability of lateral buttonholes is also less than the longitudinal tear buttonhole. If used in all vertical buttonhole, some large force receiving portion is likely to cause disengagement of deformation, the neck like a relatively frequent need for stronger lateral buttons.

6. sneakers shoes last two holes

Many people will ignore these two holes, but in fact they are very useful.

When you are in motion, in order to prevent friction between the shoe and the foot to produce small blisters, you can take advantage of these two holes to solve the problem against posts feet and shoes.

7. The small pocket in the jeans pocket

eans was first emerging as overalls, mostly workers wearer. Workers in the work, in order to avoid being scratched watches or pocket watch, will win to put a small pocket jeans, 1873 jeans plus table bags design first appeared on Levi's jeans.

But now many people have this little pocket as a decoration, of course, you can also put lighters, coins and other such small objects.

Holes on the cap 8. ballpoint

peak true, this is a life-saving design.

As we all know, small children caught what will into his mouth, many school-age children have the habit of biting the cap, so the children will swallow a ballpoint pen cap accidents occur frequently, can easily cause choking. But more than this hole, even if children swallow the cap, can barely breathe, so you can buy some time for the medical staff, perhaps a fresh life was saved.

9. New clothes supplied scrap

These appear to be Scraps of material, but in fact it has two purposes:

First, do a patch (but probably very few people now wear the "patch" clothes);

Second, it could scrap this as a guinea pig to test your new clothes for different types of detergents or chemicals will produce what kind of reaction.

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