Giants jerseys contract lead是 the new changes in the pattern

by Min Leung Saller
Often to the football contest, in addition to players and fans, as well as a group will be very steal the spotlight, they are those sports equipment suppliers. These large football soccer jerseys for the fans, is a feast for sports brands, is the final exam. Nike, Adidas, Puma, and even many less prominent small brand, without exception, want to take this battle to win a beautiful branding.

Sports brand Nike is the world's undisputed leader, but in recent years has gradually decline with the layout football resources. Do not say they are old rivals Adidas thrown a few body bits, even better than Nike Puma action much positive. When people questioned Nike's operating strategy in the field of football, Nike will be hit back with real action.

2015-16 season, Nike, Adidas away from the hands of two important customers - Manchester United and Juventus, plus had a season to put Puma jersey Arsenal, just two years, we found that Nike camp giants team left with Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain of. Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are all in recent years with the help of the rapid rise of foreign investment coming giants, we can say whether it is global fan base or influence can not be compared with the traditional giants. Although the Nerazzurri fan base is strong, but suffers from poor record in recent years, has been away from the Champions League for many years, when it can really rise is unknown. Thus, on the left hand Nike Barca vice killer of this.

Back in 1998, Nike will become attached to the FC Barcelona. Now the two sides have been together for nearly 20 years, during which Barcelona has made other clubs can not match the brilliant record. 10 league titles, four Champions League trophies, these achievements are enough to make Nike earned pours.

Originally Barcelona and Nike is fulfilling the contract to expire until the summer of 2018, the annual sponsorship amount is 35 million euros. However, in recent years a series of Adidas generous offer, providing a huge contract for the Manchester United and Bayern Munich, which directly raised the football sponsorship market price code.

Compared with the sponsorship amount Manchester United and Bayern Munich get the Barcelona shirt sponsorship contract becomes too shabby. Just last year, Adidas and Bayern renew a new contract worth 900 million euros for 15 years, and it also allows the Barcelona club up and down a certain degree of stimulation. Indeed, from a business value perspective, Barcelona is one of the best clubs in the world. Football club standings in the value of the latest issue of Forbes just released, Barcelona Take the total value of US $ 3.55 billion in second place, only a billion dollars less than the top of Real Madrid. Manchester United Team Value and La Liga clubs also Bai Bai wrist, Bayern Munich after then, the gap between the top three and a bit obvious.

But note that, to benefit from big contracts and Adidas signed a huge chest advertising and sponsorship from Chevrolet, Manchester United for $ 1.35 billion ahead of the commercial development of this one. Even after Bayern and Adidas contract, commercial development revenues are $ 1.26 billion, 1.24 billion more than Barcelona and Real Madrid 12.5 million. Not difficult to imagine, not only Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and even have a good discussion and sponsors at a future sponsorship deal.

Finally, under the Barcelona of "forcing", Nike made a surprise move. Last weekend, Barcelona's official website announced that the team and the shirt sponsor Nike to reach agreement on a contract extension. Although the specific details of the contract were not disclosed, but the Spanish media had put the matter turned upside down. According to "Marca" reported that, according to the new contract, the next two seasons in Barcelona were able to obtain sponsorship fee of 80 million and 85 million. From the summer of 2018, Barcelona will receive a fixed annual sponsorship amount of 105 million euros, in addition to possibly get extra 50 million euros of income, that can get up to 155 million euros per year.

The contract has officially marked the football club's shirt sponsorship deal ahead hundred million yuan era. Manchester United had signed with Adidas sponsor the annual contract price amounting to 96 million euros, who would have thought just a year before the project, the first shirt sponsorship contract name will easy to master. Nike is indeed is not it pours.

Barcelona now really short of money, Messi, Neymar and Suarez are three great God led high salary, and they are faced with the problem of renewal raise. Plus the Camp Nou stadium renovation plan is a big project, which is enough to make financial ends meet Barcelona. So we see that Barcelona now almost not miss any opportunity to increase revenue. In addition to shirt sponsorship, advertising chest is a heart disease Club. It is said that Barcelona has with Qatar Sports Investment Company renewed for one year, the annual sponsorship amount should be around 60 million euros, compared to 35 million the previous still improve a lot of.

Rough count, there are just shirts and 70 million euros of gains chest advertising next season, which will greatly narrow the distance with Manchester United in business development, overtake is very likely in the future.

Nike's action may not stop there. Not long ago, has just announced a partnership with Adidas Chelsea early termination, Lan Jun next season will be wearing Adidas jersey last season. Ever since about who will then set on the overwhelming topic of discussion as open. According to the "Daily Telegraph" broke the news, Nike is likely to become Chelsea's new shirt sponsor, and the contract amount to reach 60 million pounds per year, compared to the previous contract with Adidas full doubled. In addition, Nike and Tottenham are also being discussed in cooperation.

We might assume that, if cooperation with Chelsea and Tottenham can be ultimately implemented, plus billions of dollars contract with Barcelona, ​​which no doubt have sworn a strong return in the Nike soccer field. Although not compete with Adidas in the overall quality of the team, but at least show an attitude of Nike, Adidas and able to challenge in the Nike football only, and this fight will always continue.

Having said that, we also can not fail to mention Real Madrid. Real Madrid and Adidas shirt sponsorship deal is the latest in 2012 began to perform the annual sponsorship fee is 34 million pounds. Compare the current market conditions, have to say, this figure has not fully satisfy the appetite of the Galacticos. After the news, Real Madrid and Adidas contract price tag is 140 million euros per year, while Adidas has denied the rumors, but now it seems, if you want to lock the adidas Real Madrid this big customer, not some blood, I'm afraid . And Adidas has been the policy adjustment as the main sponsor clubs, so they are unlikely to give up Real Madrid, Barcelona perhaps this record had not been refreshed for too long will it, think really crazy.

Maybe Adidas can not think of himself that he's a contract with Manchester United directly led to a price war between the sponsor Nike. Of course, many clubs will benefit from this. But the two companies who are not ATM, sports sponsorship budget decision they have to make a choice. Of course, no matter who, in the hands of a few chips always hold enough components, it is their bottom line.

However, in big business Rush, a relatively small number of brands have begun to find their own living space. To the Premier League, for example, in addition to several well-known brands, such as Umbro, Macron, Errea, JD Sports also appear in the sight of the fans inside. Next season, Joma and Dryworld two brands will follow Swansea and Watford respectively Premiership. Previously, the shirt sponsor of the two clubs are Adidas and Puma. If football is seen as a brand sponsorship ecosystem, so the competition continues, the entire ecosystem is also subtle changes taking place.

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