Some Things To Keep In mind If You Want To Play Badminton

by Vishaka Jain Online Marketer
Badminton is a fast-moving sports activity which is played over a net (unlike squash) with a shuttlecock (or birdie) and it requires endurance, quick reflexes and agility. Though it is fairly simple game to take grasp of, there are certain things which can help you understand the game and become better when you go to indoor badminton courts in Gurgaon.

Understand the terminology – It will be better to know what commonly used terms are on the badminton court by players. Basic terminology starts from the name given to feathery projectile known as the shuttlecock in most parts of the world and birdie in North America. The terms like “wood shot”, “home position”, “carry” and “clear” are also commonly used terms in the game of badminton and would help the person to understand the game better.

Optional net – The basic elements required to play a game of badminton are a shuttlecock, a pair of racquets and some open space if not playing professionally and as a leisure activity. Just need an opponent for hitting volleys back and forth without shuttlecock falling to the ground.

Score System – The match follows a 21 points system traditionally and best of three games. Two points are at least required for the winning. Every successful rally is awarded a point.

When beginning the service, keep it below the waist – By applying some strategy to the shots like a long one to force your opponent back or short one which barely gets over the net.

Tightly hold the racquet – While holding the racquet tightly, the wrist should be allowed to bend and adapt to the incoming shot.

Power and efficiency to shots – Get strength for your shot from the leg on the racquet side when stepping forward for your shot. This assists in getting more consistency and power in the shots.

Don’t hold the same position – Not just alternating your hands from backhand to forehand, use your feet to position yourself under the shuttlecock. After volleying the shot, get back to the centre position as fast as possible to be ready for the next shot.

Keep the opponent always on the move – If there is a space in the centre of the court, a person can improve the shot positioning and it will be easier to return the volleys. So force the opponent to always move by not returning volleys in the same spot or middle of the court. Keep varying the shots to right, left, front and back. Your opponent will get tired by this tactic and it will become difficult for him to reach the home position.

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