How to choose the right badminton racket part 2

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In the previous part, we looked at how weight and balance points affect your performance while playing badminton. Here let’s see how the shape of the head and the shaft make rackets different so that you can tell the difference between a racket which is good for you and which isn't while you buy badminton racket


The shape of the head can be one of two shape options that are available in the market: oval shape and isometric frames.    

Oval shape:

The sweet spot on this shape is difficult to find but the results of hitting the spot is a truly amazing shot. Only highly skilled players can make optimal use of this concentrated spot because of their experience. Oval shaped rackets actually provide more playing area. 

Isometric shapes:

Isometric shapes have a better success rate of hitting the shuttlecock with the sweet spot than the oval-shaped racket. It, in fact, has a larger sweet spot than the oval-shaped badminton racket. It delivers high-quality shots and most higher-end brands prefer to make rackets in this shape. More and more people are now opting for the isometric shape than the oval shape so the former is more in supply as well. When beginners want to buy badminton racket online, they should get isometric shaped rackets. 

The shaft:

The shaft of your badminton racket can be either flexible or stiff. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both and figure out which option is the best one for you. 

The stiff shaft

As the name indicates, it is less flexible and repulsive. If you are playing with this racket you will have to compensate for the stiffness with more power on the swing. If you are a beginner, it would be better if you don’t use this kind. The reason for this is that at the beginner level, the player needs to focus more on their skill and not the strength. A stiff shaft needs more strength from the player. Hence, only experienced players should think of getting a stiff shaft badminton racket when buying sport goods online

However, the stiff shaft gives a much faster shot than a racket with a flexible shaft. Attacks and replies are faster and powerful with this kind of shaft which makes for a very interesting game. This kind of shaft gives you a very accurate placement of the shuttlecock. 

The flexible shaft:

This option is preferred by beginners because it lets you practice your techniques instead of focusing on the technique. The flexible shaft has better repulsion than a stiff one which lets you make clear hits without any strain. The repulsion of this shaft has a downside too. The shuttlecock placement is a tricky issue here. It is difficult to aim well. Where stiff shaft rackets are fast in deliveries, the flexible shaft is slow. It is good for amateurs and beginners because it doesn’t have much power so it doesn't strain your wrists. This kind of shaft gets you to focus more on your defensive shots because you don't have to put more attention on your strength.

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