Some of the important Masonic tools present on Lodge regalia

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Freemasonry is one of the most time tested brotherhood whose members share a strong bond. To exemplify their feelings of commitment and pride towards their fraternity Masons wear Masonic regalia. These regalia are the clothing and jewelry pieces that the Brothers wear to Lodge meetings and other special events and gatherings. They are aware that they are associated to such organization in which they can take pride and show it off by wearing Masonic regalia. Apart from Masonic regalia, Freemasonry has many secrets associated with it. This organization can trace its root back to as early as 18th century when only Stone Masons exist.

Stonemasons had their own set of tools that aid them in carrying out and completing all kinds of stone work. Some of these tools are even used till date. Nowadays, Freemasons have their own set of unique tools. Although, they do not do any brick or stone work but they still need them for some other type of Lodge work. These days, tools are not used for construction purpose but used in Lodge rituals. Each degree has its own set of tools and Freemasons have to gain knowledge regarding them.

There are three main degrees in Freemasonry; Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. Some of the tools associated with these degrees are listed below:

Tools used in Entered Apprentice degree

24-inch Gauge

A gauge is also referred to as a ruler and it is used to measure the hours of each day. In this Entered Apprentice degree, Freemasons are taught to divide their day into three segments. The first segment constitutes three hours which are spent on sleep or other refreshment. The second segment includes eight hours which are spent on the service of God and for others in need. The third segment constitutes another eight hours that are spent on work and the usual vocations.    


This tool is used in the Entered Apprentice degree of some Lodges especially in UK. This tool was used by the Stonemasons to remove the unwanted parts and flaws while crafting a gem. Nowadays, in modern Freemasonry it depicts how the human mind can become more sharp and beautiful while gaining more knowledge at every step.

Common Gavel

The common gavel is totally different from the other gavels and has one end that comes to a point. The Stone Masons used this tool to chip away the edges on bricks and stones. But in the current time, it signifies a totally different thing for Freemasons such as the art of chipping away the different vices and other superficial desires of the heart.

Tools used in Fellow Craft degree


It is a 90 degree ruler that reminds Freemasons to ensure that they square their actions through their morals, values and ethics.


This level tool symbolizes equality among the Masonic brothers. It also signifies that every Mason has common goals and would be judged by the same laws and regulations.


When it was used by the Stonemasons, it was referred as a plumb line. In this degree, this tool reminds Masons to stay upright and honest at all times.

Tools used in Master Mason degree


Though, it is a common tool used in the job of a Stonemason. In Freemasonry, it symbolizes that God is aware of everything that humans write down. And on the judgment day, the entire written down list will be referred based upon one would be judged.


This tool signifies the need to spread brotherly love, strong bond and unity among the brotherhood. 


Stonemasons used this tool to draw perfect lines on the ground. In modern Freemasonry, it is a reminder to stick to the goal of perfection that the fraternity has set and pre-defined.


The compass is among the most popular symbols of Freemasonry and also proves to be one of the most important tools. It reminds Freemasons to know the limits between good and evil based on the rules of the Great Architect of the Universe.

These tools are used to provide great teachings to the Freemasons and also appear on important Masonic regalia.

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