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A young entrepreneur has a lot to deal with at the beginning of their business. Despite having a hardworking team, they will work twice as hard and burn the midnight oil to see their dream project become successful. Obviously, their dream project is like their baby and they want to nurture it to become big and better with every passing day. But being a team lead can be a taxing job. As a solo worker, you might not have to focus on certain secondary needs like an office space. But when your team starts to grow, you need to focus on a lot more than just your project. Though the project will always remain your priority, you turn a blind eye on the other things. focusing on other things might divert your attention from your real objectives and compromise on your project. Hiring a manager might be an expensive deal as you are already running on cutbacks so that you can use every single penny on the development of your project. Then what can possibly be done?

The solution to this problem lies in coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are shared office spaces. As the name suggests you occupy a small portion of a huge property and the rest is rented to other companies. You are supplied with every basic office amenity and all you are required is to get a fully functional laptop to plug in and play. This is a highly popular trend these days, especially in all the metropolitan cities of the country. Gurgaon is one of the places in Delhi/NCR that has seen the demand for coworking spaces increase drastically. Being an attractive place for MNCs and other offices, it attracts a lot of start-ups. These creative start-up nerds prefer to go in a coworking space because it is cheaper than private office space and it delegates the additional responsibilities to other people. Thus, they go for coworking spaces.

But there is a catch in that too. The coworking space market has increased so much, that the number of options available can easily confuse anyone. Here is a list of some amazing coworking spaces in Gurgaon that you must check out before narrowing down your final choices.


A coworking space right at the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, is one of the best options to consider. With a membership price of INR 7500 per month, it is a vibrant and motivational space to work in. they provide rooftop working areas as well, along with a recreational zone, where the employees can relax.


Yet another popular co-working space with multiple outlets across Delhi/NCR. They have everything to offer. Starting from WI-FI to reservable conference rooms, office supplies, presentation supplies and what not. They have a staring plan of INR 7499, but you can also go for a budget part-time plan of INR 4999.


This is a coworking space with an international presence. They have 3000 business centres around the world. They provide you with king of requirement related to an office. They have the facility of paying for a per hour basis as well. With Regus you can start working immediately. Every utility and equipment including your own desk and personal phone are provided. You just have show up and get going with your work. They also have options of unreserved work desks, which go by the name of hot desks. They are providing these on a first come first on a daily basis. So, if your business requires a lot of traveling you don’t have to pay up for the entire month, you can simply pay for the days you come.


The thing that makes Spaces unique from all the other coworking places is the community that they have cultivated. They will keep you engaged in networking lunches, business events, speakers for some motivational pep talk, and what not. They have a worldwide membership that you can use in any of their centres. They have an amazing reputation amongst all their tenants in 250 cities across the globe. If you are looking for a great entrepreneurial spirit to run through, then Spaces is the place to start working.

Hustle cowork

The plug and play shared offices, for an amazing an experience. They have amazing services. You can get a day pass starting from INR 400 and coworking areas for INR 6000 per month. They also have options for private cabins starting from INR 7500. They also provide for the option of virtual offices starting from INR 2469. They have great workstations, leased line internet, cafes, meeting room, private team room, power backup and a terrace garden. You will be connected to potential clients and trusted referrals. Hustle cowork will create connect opportunities through business events, members connect, mentor hours, start-up shout outs, casual happenings and what not.

Stirring minds

They have creative hubs designed for creatives, freelancers, independents and start-ups to be an inspiring environment to work and collaborate. They are technically advanced place to start working with. You will get facilities that are truly state

of the art and help you grow your business real fast.


One Co.Work

A great coworking space to get your brain juices running. They provide you with state-of-the-art facilities for your office space. It is a nice space, to begin with. It is one of the best coworking spaces in Delhi and a must consider option before making a decision.


A start-up for the start-ups, Investopad is yet another great choice for a coworking space. They have a monthly membership of INR 8000 per person per month and they cater to every kind of start-up.

Social Offline

If you are a little offbeat worker and need continuous zing while you are working, then Social Offline is your place. Its super chill and cool ambiance will always keep your nerves at rest and thoughts at high. Being a fully functional café, you not just get all the benefits of a coworking space, but also get an elaborate menu of food and drinks to choose from. They don’t have a daily programme, they allow only monthly purchases which is about INR 5000 per month.


Another coworking space situated at the most prime locations of delhi. They have amazing services at affordable prices. Their plans include daily passes, team cabins, open spaces, virtual offices etc. all at affordable prices. You can also book their conference room at a nominal charge of 749 per hour. Apart from that, they have a 24X7 power back up, high speed internet and unlimited tea and coffee supply. It is a nice place to start working with.


This is another coworking space that is helping start-ups get their stuff dine with ease. They provide with everything that a start-up expects from a coworking area at affordable prices.

ALTF Coworking

AltF have multiple offices in some of the prime locations in Delhi/NCR. It is not just providing workspace to start-ups, it is also building a community of like-minded people so that they can innovate and stay motivated. Their seat cost starts from INR 2500 per month per member. They organise events and parties for the startups working with them in order to make them feel like home. It's like a family they are building and one must experience the same by being a part of their community.


Their very catchy tagline saying #cubiclesareboring, says a lot about what Coworkyard has to offer to its customers. They provide their members with state-of-the-art facilities that they expect to in a multi national’s office. These spaces are meant for creative nerds, fun start-ups, young professionals and freelancers. Apart from maintaining a professional workspace they also organise various parties and events for their members to help them kill the monotony and maintain a work-life balance.

One Internet

This is yet another great office space to start working with. They provide you with all the necessary facilities of professional office space, starting from office supplies to kitchen spaces.


This space is near cyberhub, which one of the most posh and upbeat areas in gurgoan. It has almost all the big MNCs and companies that one would like to work along side with. They are well equipped with modern facilities and also provide you comfort of a home. They are professional as well as fun, which helps you keep the innovative spark in you going.


It is yet another great coworking space to start with. They are exclusively in gurgoan with multiple offices at exciting places.

provide a great environment to work in with phenomenal facilities.


They have been successful in creating a productive and innovative environment for young businesses by cultivating a community of people who are creators and innovators.

Coworking spaces are a nice way to start start-ups and small businesses. You get to be around people who think like you and are interested in innovation. By being amidst such a crowd your mental horses run faster and you are able to do better than what you could have done in a private office. So experience the fun of a coworking space today.





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