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There has been an upsurge in the international market when it comes to Indian start-ups. The young Indian entrepreneurs have understood the market dynamics pretty well and are aware of what the customers demand. The major credit to this goes to the coworking spaces that are available across the country. A coworking space is not just a communal office, it is like a community of like-minded people. It is a community of thinkers, innovators, and, most important of all, leaders. It is a place full of the adrenaline kick and the cerebral rush just enough to get your work going in lightning speed. But these fancy coworking areas aren’t just so simple to choose from. There are so many options available that one can easily get confused.

An office place is like a place of worship. As well said, work is worship, the office place has to be the place of worship. Everyone, running a business, has a dream of owning their personal office space that, by the very look of it, talks about their brand. Owning an office space is a sign of independence as well as success. But, when you are young business, and finances are not that great, you cannot afford to let a big chunk of your funding go into paying rents for an office space. If the finances aren’t managed perfectly in the very beginning of the start-up, then there are chances that the business might go in great debts and you would not be able to fetch profits for a very long time.

As a young entrepreneur, today what business owners look for is flexibility, state of the art technology, cool working area, and rent control. They want a maximum portion of their investments to be focused on developing their business and not maintaining an office space. All these are qualities of a coworking area. A coworking space welcomes a lot of start-up businesses and freelancers. They are full of people, driven by motivation and inspiration to take their business to amazing heights. This makes the entire coworking area positively competitive and full of energy. You will always stay motivated and inspired by seeing the other people work around. It’s a powerhouse of new ideas and innovations. Not just that you will be sitting with some of the top businesses that attract investors. So, you will be in constant vicinity of prospective investors or buyers. All these things won’t happen if you are sitting in a personal, closed space.

Here are a few good coworking areas across Delhi/NCR so that you can make a sound decision regarding the same.


A coworking space right at the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, is one of the best options to consider. They have a mission of transforming a simple boring real estate into high grade, yet beautiful premium workspaces. They are India’s leading startup in providing workspaces and they have been doing a great job till now. They have revolutionised the work culture in the 21st century. They have constantly been delivering excellence through their design and experience and keeping their members happy throughout the nation. With a membership price of INR 7500 per month, it is a vibrant and motivational space to work in. they provide rooftop working areas as well, along with a recreational zone, where the employees can relax.


Yet another popular co-working space with multiple outlets across Delhi/NCR. The make the experience of coworking worth every penny. You will meet people from diverse backgrounds, companies, all working together under the same roof. They promise to provide every member in their coworking community business access to a fully functional workspace, a network of mentors along with events for networking and gaining knowledge. They have everything to offer. Starting from WI-FI to reservable conference rooms, office supplies, presentation supplies and what not. They have a staring plan of INR 7499, but you can also go for a budget part-time plan of INR 4999.

One Co.Work

A great coworking space to get your brain juices running. They started their business of providing co-working space to start-up companies in the year 2015 and since then they have seen exponential growth in their popularity. Their motto is not just to provide working space for the new companies. Their motto is to build a community of thinkers, motivators, and innovators. They focus on making the work environment a firehouse of inspiration by letting people g their own way. They have state of the art facilities that they provide their members. It’s simply is a paradise for a young business. Being a part of such a community helps you grow your business and make a lot of contacts. With One Co.Work, you can get your personal space decorated as per your business needs. Joining One Co.Work will be one of the best decisions that you take for your business. It is a nice space, to begin with. It is one of the best coworking spaces in Delhi and a must consider option before making a decision.


A start-up for the start-ups, Investopad is yet another great choice for a coworking space. They have designed a coworking space to foster collaboration and a cohesive work environment. They provide their members access to resources they need to grow fast and be successful. You will access to a vibrant community of investors and like-minded professionals. They are placed at convenient locations, providing flexibility and freedom. Their facility is much cheaper than a traditional office space. Being a part of their coworking community will help you get in touch with leaders and experts of different domains. They have a monthly membership of INR 8000 per person per month and they cater to every kind of start-up.

Social Offline

If you are a little offbeat worker and need continuous zing while you are working, then Social Offline is your place. Its super chill and cool ambiance will always keep your nerves at rest and thoughts at high. Being a fully functional café, you not just get all the benefits of a coworking space, but also get an elaborate menu of food and drinks to choose from. They don’t have a daily programme, they allow only monthly purchases which is about INR 5000 per month.


This is a coworking space with an international presence. They have 3000 business centers around the world. They provide you with the king of requirement related to an office. They have the facility of paying for a per hour basis as well. With Regus, you can start working immediately. Every utility and equipment including your own desk and personal phone are provided. You just have shown up and get going with your work. They also have options of unreserved work desks, which go by the name of hot desks. They are providing these on a first come first on a daily basis. So, if your business requires a lot of traveling you don’t have to pay up for the entire month, you can simply pay for the days you come.


The thing that makes Spaces unique from all the other co-working places is the community that they have cultivated. They will keep you engaged in networking lunches, business events, speakers for some motivational pep talk, and whatnot. They have a worldwide membership that you can use in any of their centers. They have an amazing reputation amongst all their tenants in 250 cities across the globe. If you are looking for a great entrepreneurial spirit to run through, then Spaces is the place to start working.

Hustle cowork

The plug and play shared offices, for an amazing experience. They have amazing services. You can get a day pass starting from INR 400 and coworking areas for INR 6000 per month. They also have options for private cabins starting from INR 7500. They also provide for the option of virtual offices starting from INR 2469. They have great workstations, leased line internet, cafes, meeting room, private steam room, power backup, and a terrace garden. You will be connected to potential clients and trusted referrals. Hustle cowork will create connect opportunities through business events, members connect, mentor hours, startup shout outs, casual happenings and what not.

Stirring minds

They have creative hubs designed for creatives, freelancers, independents and start-ups to be an inspiring environment to work and collaborate. They are a technically advanced place to start working with. You will get facilities that are truly state

of the art and help you grow your business real fast.

These are a few coworking spaces that you might find worth going for. Don’t waste your investments entirely in buying in a new space. Start working with a coworking space and you will be able to experience the positive growths in your business. You will always be updated what is going on in your field so that you can stay ahead in every aspect for better business strategies and good development, start working with a coworking area today.  

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