Solving the top 3 automated regression testing issues

by Stella Murugesan Digital Marketing Analyst

One of the top benefits of test automation is that it is capable of performing albeit necessary, repetitive and tedious tasks which are associated with specific workflows. Speaking of software development, it is possible to bog Quality Assurance management down with the aid of redundancies.

Majority of the repetition is crucial in order to ensure the optimal functionality of the delivered product owing to which test automation is considered to be a crucial Quality Assurance tool.

Communication breakdowns, incomplete regression testing plans and lack of responsiveness are regarded as the best reasons for the any sort of issue in automated regression testing. Here is a list of the steps for solving the leading automated regression problems:

Incomplete regression testing plan

One of the crucial things that you need to understand about regression testing services is that it provides the best function while running frequently and early during every sprint. It is due to the fact that if you run them at a later off stage during the development cycle, it might lead to a wide array of unfavorable test results.

To meet the reduced deadlines, automated and incremental regression testing is capable of covering a wide array of defects which were anticipated in the beginning. Thus, regression test automation is capable of discovering a plethora of bugs which have been introduced during the new fixes.

Hence, it is a prerequisite for the Quality assurance teams, offering regression testing services to come up with a unique regression test plan and opt for one, in which a plethora of regression tests are run daily.

This plan should be outlining the regression testing strategies as well as exit the criteria. Performance testing is considered to be an integral part of the test which ensures that there is no impact on the performance of the system if any changes are introduced in the system components. This pitfall can be avoided easily till you have a clear direction.

With the increase in complexity and volume, the quality assurance testing techniques is known to strain on the resources and affect the new project schedules. Owing to this, the project teams at times, forget about specific regression testing techniques and concentrate on accomplishing new features in a specific project schedule.

If you overlook the completion of test strategies, there are high chances that possible errors might be introduced in the already existing system functionalities and software during the development of new code. With the use of the best practices in regression testing, it is possible for quality assurance teams to document the workflow of app development. They can also transform the flow of work into the test scripts. In addition to this, they are capable of performing automated metrics against the specific test scripts, in accordance with the changes in the software or application.

Communication breakdown

Communication breakdowns are regarded as the quicksand of the world of software development, primarily when it comes to regression testing as well as the management of defect trends. It is essential to address the defects promptly, indicating that they will be brought to the attention of the developers at the very moment, when they are discovered.

It is a prerequisite that the testers and developers should be on the same page, about the results of the automated tests. Thus if a breakdown occurs in communication, it can interrupt the software development process which can occur from the result of the misunderstandings of processes and roles.

Insufficient planning might result in poor communication which can lead to confusion while monitoring the defects. For the prevention of failures which are caused from any bad communication process, it is crucial to have a strong and unique resolution place.

In addition to this, it is necessary to have a centrally managed and leveraged defect tracking tool by which it is possible to send different notifications to certain personnel. Frequent conversations among the teams, members of the team and along with the stakeholders can reduce the communication breakdown which can occur owing to the performance of automated regression tests frequently.

Lack of responsiveness

Frequent software testing is a must for a successful product deployment. Consistent automated testing plays a vital role in offering precision metrics which might cover the different complexities of versioning, development, and updates in the software projects of today, with the looming deadlines as well as management pressure, at times, important testing remains incomplete or postponed.

You need to keep in mind that regression tests is not just a static set of the repetitive tests. It is essential to perform regression tests, every time, an update is made to the existing software or to the system with which the application is interfaces. The benefit of automated regression tests is that it is possible to create test cases and run them later again.

The success of the business firm in releasing customer engaging and high quality of application which is known to emanate from the regimens of regression testing include


  • ·        Defining the responsibilities and roles
  • ·         Identification of the next steps
  • ·         Reviewing the requirements of the infrastructure
  • ·         Reviewing the artifacts
  • ·         Defining the different testing tools like use cases, work flow, and testing data
  • ·         Defining the requirements of testing

For the integration of different testing components, applications, systems and interfaces, the regression testing planning need the deployment of methodology plan, test plan, proof of concept plan, project plan, roadmap, architectural assessment, timeline assessment.

With automated regression testing, it is possible to increase the quality of the app. The agile testing solution is considered to be an ideal choice in this regard as it helps in making the development, execution and monitoring of the tests really easy.

The requirements for regression testing are continuously enhancing. Regression testing is a prerequisite to increase the quality performance of the software applications.

Changing of the user needs as well as application growth along with successive releases is capable of creating an undeniable and irreversible requirement for the conduction of regression tests repeatedly. Thus regression testing plays a vital role in accomplishing the testing purpose and resolves either of the automated regression testing issues.



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