Function testing VS Non functional testing

by Stella Murugesan Digital Marketing Analyst

Software testing is one of the most important processes of the software development life cycle. If you skip this step, then maybe you will fail to provide your end users the best experience of the application. It helps both the developer and the test engineers to determine the functionality, performance, quality, and other important features of the application. There are mainly two types of the testing procedures, which are functional testing and nonfunctional testing. Both of them are describing themselves by their names itself. Functional testing is used to test the application to ensure the functionality of the applications. Whereas the non-functional testing process is used to make sure that the facts which are not covered by the functional testing are covered properly. To understand the process and to know why both of them are different from one another, please read the article till the end, maybe you will get answers to most of your questions.

1. Testing approaches

Testing approaches used in the testing processes made them different from one another. If we talk about functional testing, we must say that this process uses black-box testing approaches. This means that the testing process is completely dependent upon the requirements of the client; in other words, we can say that the process accepts the client’s requirements as the input data. Due to based on the black box testing approach it allows to test all the functions of the application independently to ensure that whether the features of the application are working fine or not.

On the other hand, non-functional testing focuses on testing the software based on the non-functionality features of the application like reliability, scalability, performance, loading speed, etc. The main objective of the testing process is to make the application content relevant and readable. It also evaluates the load and condition testing to make sure the application loading speed is good or not.

2. Testing area

Both the testing methods covered different areas of the application to generate intact results. First of all, lets us check the area covered by the functional testing.

•    Functional testing usually checks the functions of the application. It has no concern with the code of the application, but it has a concern with the output of the code of the application.

•    It also ensures the usability of the application. It checks whether the application is serving its purpose completely or not.

•    It also helps the test engineers to check that Is the application is easily accessible on all types of network and platforms or not.

•    To check the error conditions is also the responsibility of the testing process. This part includes 404 error pages, JavaScript error messages, etc.

If we look at the area covered by the non- functional application, then you will see the, or we can opposite image here.

•    It ensures the security of the application in the terms of network usability.

•    It ensures that the application is flexible to use on different platforms.

•    It helps the test engineers to check that whether the application is working efficiently and giving the reliable results or not.

•    It also ensures the interoperability of the application.

3. Executions

Execution methods of the testing approach also make them different from one another. The functional testing executes the testing process on the basis of the functional requirements and functions of the testing process. During execution, it also checks that whether the functional requirements of the end user or the client from the applications are fulfilled or not.

In the other hand if we talk about the non-functional testing, then the execution of the process is dependent upon the functional traits and various aspects of the application. It helps to evaluate whether the expectations of the client from the application are fulfilled or not. It has no concern with the functions of the application.

4. Testing time

The testing time takes by both the application is one of the major aspects to make them different from one another. Functional software testing services is one of the easiest processes of testing. This is the reason why the process takes less time to generate the testing results.

But as compared to the functional testing, non-functional testing is considered as a complex and difficult process. This is the reason why it takes lots of time to test the application and generate the testing reports. The reason behind this is that the process is dependent upon the user expectations, which are very hard to meet in reality.

5. Testing performance

The following are the features of the functional testing to determine the testing performance of functional testing.

•    It can follow both white boxes as, and black box testing approaches. But mainly it uses the black box testing.

•    It includes various levels of testing, like integration testing, smoke testing, usability testing, etc.

The below-stated features are here to figure out the testing performance of the nonfunctional testing.

•    It only follows the white box testing processes. This means it has no concern with the requirements of the users.

•    It also includes various testing levels like load testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, maintainability testing, etc.


Though both the testing methods and categories are different from each other, but both are an integral part of the offshore software testing services. It is very important to perform both the testing procedures to finish the product like a masterpiece. If you do not provide your customers with the best products, then they will never prefer you or your organization for making more applications. And also they will; give your negative feedback in the market.

SO along with the development always give equal importance to the testing as well. Hence both functional and non-functional testing processes are very important for the test engineers to ensure that the customers will get the best user experience with creative and unique features of the application. So, never skip any of them and give importance to all your projects or applications.

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