Slow Down The Aging Process With Non-Surgical Treatments

by Andy Cheng Director

Aging is a natural process that everyone has to undergo. In the past, having saggy, wrinkled skin was common and widely acceptable. However in this day and age, looking fresh and energized is not a matter of vanity but a basic need to keep competitive and doing well in life.  

In the past few years, non-surgical skin lifting treatments such as lasers, dermal fillers, and thread lift, when done regularly, offer fantastic capability to rejuvenate the skin and delay aging without the need to undergo surgery.

Non-surgical skin lifting treatments are a new concept for rejuvenating the skin without experiencing extended long downtime and surgical risks. Our increasing hectic lifestyle naturally cause people to gravitate towards non-surgical treatments. 

We talk to one of the most popular aesthetic doctors in Singapore to find out what skin rejuvenating treatments are currently offered in Singapore to help us look our best at all times.

Skin Lifting Treatment for a V-Shaped Face

Dr. Siew: Sagging skin is a very common phenomenon as we become older. This is because the loss of collagen and elastin fibers cause the skin to become thin and sag, making a person appear unattractive.

Using absorbable threads lined with tiny anchors or barbs, doctors can now perform a non-surgical face lift to visibly lift and reposition sagging skin within a couple of hours. The two most common procedures for thread lift are Silhouette Soft Thread Lift and PDO Thread Lift. 

This non-surgical face lift treatment does not only bring droopy cheeks and jawlines back to their previous positions about 10 years ago, the threads also stimulate collagen production to trigger the skin’s own fibroblastic collagen regeneration over subsequent months so that the skin continues to stay in its lifted position after the threads have dissolved after a few months.

For people who prefer to opt for non-invasive skin lifting treatments, ultrasound treatments are also equally effective, albeit slower in exerting its full effects. The most popular ultrasound treatment is Ultherapy and the generic option is called HIFU Skin Lifting.

Liquid Face Lift with Dermal Filler

Dr. Siew: The difference between a young person's face and an elderly person's face is that a younger person has a face cushioned with fatty tissue with tight, firm skin. Pigmentations are also not clearly visible. Whereas on an elderly person, the loss of moisture, bone mass cause the facial structure to degrade over time. This makes a person look old and appear sad, although he may not. 

By opting for dermal filler treatments such as Liquid Facelift, the doctor is able to improve facial contours and restore lost volume. By adding precise amounts in targeted areas of the face, it can also add smoothness to the skin by reducing deep set wrinkles and fine lines. 

Collagen-stimulating dermal fillers such as Ellanse and Radiesse are also very popular among middle-aged women because of its unique capabilities to stimulate the body’s natural ability to produce more collagen to reverse signs of aging for a longer lasting result. These collagen-stimulating dermal fillers are also able to last much longer than ordinary hyaluronic acid fillers.

Reverse Skin Aging with Rejuran Healer

Dr. Siew: Over the past few months, Rejuran Healer surged in popularity because of its innovative way in treating severely damaged skin. Also commonly referred to as PDRN Therapy or Miracle Healer Injection, the contents of Rejuran Healer are derived from salmon DNA. For many years, doctors have used the contents in salmon to speed up the healing process for several skin conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers and regenerative medicine. 

Because of its unique capability to renew the skin and encourage healing of the skin, doctors have designed PDRN injections to vastly treat various skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and enlarged pores. It is also able to regenerate new skin cells and restore balance to the skin by boosting the levels of collagen and elastic fibers.

At Radium Medical Aesthetics, we recognize that everyone’s skin is unique and therefore requires personalized care. We employ a very customized treatment program to address your beauty concerns and recommend the best treatment program that will benefit you most based on your budget.

If you wish to make an appointment for an initial consult with Dr. Siew, please find the clinic details below: 

Tel: +65 6837-0507

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