Skin Cancer Information for Early Detection

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If you notice an abnormal growth on your skin, it is wise to have a skin check in Gold Coast. Because of regular exposure to the sun, people living in Gold Coast and other sunny areas of Australia have a higher chance of developing Skin cancer.

A skin check in Gold Coast can let you know whether you are dealing with melanoma or benign skin growth. Melanoma is a dangerous kind of skin cancer while benign growth is not dangerous and can include most noncancer growths on the skin.

Identifying Skin Cancer

Even before you consult the Tweed Coast medical service, you can carry out a self-examination. If you know the symptoms of skin cancer, you can examine an abnormal growth for the following symptoms:

Discolored patches on the skin

Moles that are changing in color

Crusty skin sores that are not healing

Purple or red lumps on the skin

Any of the above symptoms could be early signs of cancer and need to be checked out further. There are other symptoms and signs not listed above that can also cause skin cancer. Remember that early detection of cancer will make treatment easier and increases the chances of survival by up to 99%. Even cancers that may not be dangerous still need to be treated early to prevent disfigurement.

Use this link to perform a skin cancer check on yourself

Benign Growths

The effect of the sun and other conditions can cause other growths on the skin that may not be dangerous. Some of these include:





Skin Tags

Although these may not be life-threatening, some people prefer to have them removed especially if they cause deformity to the skin. Some of them, like moles, can turn into cancer.

Diagnosing Skin Cancer

As stated earlier, any suspicious growth on the skin with symptoms as described should be examined by a medical person. Your GP can carry out further examination and if they see it necessary, they will carry out a biopsy. A biopsy involves removing a sample of the affected skin and testing to see if there are cancer cells present.


The treatment of skin cancer may vary according to the stage at which it is and what kind of cancer it is. In early-stage cancer, the doctor may remove the cancerous growth and that may be all the treatment needed.

If cancer has spread, extensive layers of the skin may have to be removed until all the growth is gone. In the case of more aggressive cancer, treatment will have to be equally aggressive including possibly radiation treatment to kill the cancer cells as well as strong chemotherapy drugs.

Preventing Skin Cancer

It is best to avoid skin cancer than to seek treatment. Since many of the causes of skin cancer are known, prevention is somewhat possible. Some of the common preventive measures include:

Avoid overexposure to radiation from the sun.

Use sunscreen whenever you are going into the sun or wear protective gear

If possible, do not go into the sun between midday and 3 pm when the sun is hottest and direct.

In Conclusion

Early detection of cancer is important. Everyone should get familiar with their skin and notice unusual growth. A skin check will confirm whether or not it is cancer

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