How To Dress With Neutral Coloured Shoes

by Tyler P. A Passionate Blogger - Entertainment
The reasons for neutral coloured shoes to last very long in the fashion industry is because that they are versatile, and more comfortable for the wearer to wear with outfits.

Shoes that are of neutral colour have really went on to enjoy a long life of style, and still do today. The reasons for neutral coloured shoes to last very long in the fashion industry is because that they are versatile, and more comfortable for the wearer to wear with outfits, opposed to shoes with bold colours, such as red.

Many people seem to think that neutral colours are bland and boring, but those theories are overdue for new tests. Deep colours will always draw the most attention, and while that's okay, neutral colours are what helps balance out colour schemes that are too colourful or too rich of one colour. Don't think of neutral colours as "neutralisers" of colour, think of them as added seasoning to the colours that you already love wearing.

There are different definitions among people as to what neutral colours actually are. It is actually what some online celebrity fashion sites tend to overlook these days. Some people believe that neutral colours consist of black, whites, and greys, while that is not the case at all. A neutral colour is actually a colour with no warm or cool temperatures. When you see hints of red in a colour, it's a warm colour. When you notice a colour that's more blue in tint, then it's a cool colour. Only other warm colours are compatible with warm colours, and the same thing can be said about cool colours.

Even though colours like green are closer to blue on the colour spectrum, some shades of green can be considered warm colours when including tones of red, brown, or yellow.

Because neutral colours are neither considered warm or cool colours, they have the unique trait of being compatible with any other colour. So if you have an article of clothing that is of a neutral colour, it can go with just about any kind of outfit, top, pair of pants, or anything else that is in your wardrobe.

There are some caveats to neutral colours in shoes. The visual effects can be awkward if your shoes are the only colour of its kind. White is a neutral colour that is comparable with any colour choice you pick, however, if you decide to wear a deep, dark blue dress, and the only white articles that you are wearing are your white shoes, it might cause too much visual focus on your footwear, simply due to the heavy contrast that they create. You can look wonderful if there were other articles of clothes that were the same colour as your shoes, so that there isn't a lot of attention that is called to them when public eyes are on you.

The great thing about neutral shoes is that you can use them for any combination of clothes. They can be warn as a part of a neutral, warm, or cool coloured outfit, and can go with other neutral colours as well. Neutral colours really pop when worn together with bold colours like green, red, and purple. You can usually find pictures from online celebrity fashion sites for good ideas of combinations of bold, dark and neutral colours.
While there are many more known neutral colours, you can find neutral coloured shoes in white, light grey, dark grey, black, beige, tan, and brown. You can pair different neutral coloured shoes with light or dark colours to get different visual effects. Whether you want to look bohemian, contemporary, elegant, or even colourful or colourless. There are ways for your neutral coloured shoes to tie your outfit together.

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