Simple ways to enjoy to substantial savings on fuel consumption

by Paul Busby CEO @Viezu

Despite of the fact that there is abundance of literature available in the cyber world pertaining to the methods those are helpful in offering substantial fuel saving on your car, there is question how many of us follow those guidelines. Tell me honestly, is it possible for you to drive at the same time for long time especially in driving conditions where you to put breaks at regular step and accelerate the speed move ahead, or how many of you will minimize the use of air conditioner to control the fuel consumption by your car. Obviously no person can strictly follow the points referred above, except getting his car serviced at regular intervals and changing the air filters and oil accordingly.

These habits are although helpful in improvising the fuel efficiency to certain extent but as the time passes again the person has to combat with the same problem. On the other side as the prices of fuel and gas are hiking at the jet dynamic speed every person willing to buy a car thinks for thousand times to buy an economical car for his drive. In-fact you will be surprised that there are lots of people who despite of buying a specific vehicle have to sacrifice their desire of buying it just because of its high fuel consumption.

So, the question arises that aren’t there any methods which are helpful in offering substantial fuel saving on the vehicle that a person wishes to buy or every car buyer has to compromise with the car of his choice and bring the car which is not listed in his preference. Interestingly today there are certain methods which could be quite helpful in enhancing the fuel efficiency of any vehicle. And the more surprising factor of these methods is that they can be applied equally on all type of vehicles whether they are old or new despite of their make.

Let us now have a look on such methods:

ECU Remapping: You will be surprised to know that today the computers which have made intensive entrance in our day to day activities have also made their entrance in the vehicles that we drive. These computers are basically installed in the form of small sensors controlled through the software program which are controlled through engine control unit (ECU) installed under the bonnet of your car. As the mind controls the action of human beings similarly ECU controls the whole mechanism of the engine including temperature sensors, ratio of fuel and air, consumption of fuel and many more.

The engine control unit is installed by the manufacturer determining the different factors related with the performance of car including its power and performance keeping in concern the average climatic conditions across the world. The results delivered by these parameters are although quite impressive but interestingly a little tweak in these parameters could quite help in enhancing the performance of any car. One more thing to notice here is that the improvement in the performance of the car depends upon the displacement capacity of each engine.

Apart from changing the parameters of engine control unit there are few more factors upgrading which can play an incredible role in improvising fuel saving of your car, these include upgrading the exhaust system, alloy wheels to carbon fibre wheels, air intake system, acceleration system, ignition system and all those components which are inter-related with the engine.

Anyhow if you are not interested to make any change in the mechanism of the car there are some smart ways by which you can enjoy substantial fuel saving from your car. For that you need to install some aftermarket devices in your car, these devices are summarized below:

1. Fuel monitoring system: This system will let you know the changes taking place in level of fuel consumption, thus giving you an idea to look on the factors which could help you in controlling the reasons due to which your car is consuming more fuel.

2. Fuel additives: Placing the fuel additives in the fuel tank could also help you in enjoying substantial saving on the consumption of fuel. An interesting feature of additives is that by simply putting them in the fuel tank you can control extra investment on fuel.

Simply it can be said that with changing techniques of car manufacturing it has become quite easier for car owners to enjoy fuel economy by simply making few modifications in their car.

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