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CPU is said to be the brain of any personal computer as it performs three essential tasks that help the system to function correctly. These three functions include The Registers, Arithmetic Logic Unit, and its Control Unit.

How to install a computer processor?

With time a number of more powerful processors are available for users to use their computer much more effectively. Before purchasing a new processor, an individual should research about their system hardware and properly clarify if their system supports your desired processor. If not, then buying a compatible motherboard can help. If all the system requirements are fulfilled, then you can refer the steps given below to install the new processor on your motherboard.

  • Switch off your computer and remove all the cables from the back side of your computer cabinet.
  • Now use a screwdriver to remove the screw from the side panel and open the panel.
  • Then place the side panel away from the computer cabinet.
  • Touch a door handle or other grounded items to remove any possible static from your body and clothes. It is entirely impotent to do so as a computer can catch to your static charge, resulting in a shock.
  • After that, look for the CPU chip inside your computer cabinet. It may vary from system-to-system as with time motherboards have upgraded a lot.
  • Some systems have the CPU chip soldered to the motherboard, in such a case purchase a compatible motherboard for your new processor. Refer to your manual to ascertain if your CPU is Proprietary. If so, then opting for a new board is viable.
  • Now remove all the secondary hardware like RAM, hard disk and processor fan to create ample working space to access the processor slot easily.
  • Then look for the processor and carefully analyze the side of the CPU chip slot.
  • Grab the lever placed at the side of the processor slot and pull it upwards to open the lock of the processor chip.
  • But remain to be gentle as no brutal force is required to remove the lock.
  • Once the lock is open, gently remove the old processor from the CPU chip slot.
  • Now unwrap your new processor and match the edge with a white triangle on CPU chip with the similar triangle edge on the socket and place the processor in correct alignment and lock it again by using the side lever.
  • Apply some thermal paste on the top of the processor chip and put the cooling fan on top of the processor by screwing it properly.
  • Then place the side panel and screw it properly to secure the computer cabinet.
  • Now connect all the wires back to the computer and switch on the power to test the functioning of the new processor.

 Hopefully, users will now be able to install a new processor to their computer by themselves and upgrade the performance of their system for better working experience.

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