Significant Tips For Clearing CompTIA Security+ Exam

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With cybercrimes increasing by 600% due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not surprising that as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that cybersecurity jobs to grow 31% through 2029. As hackers modify their tactics through social media misinformation, phone calls offering fake offers, IoT-based attacks, cybersecurity professionals are tasked with keeping abreast of the latest tools and technologies.

Certificates are the best way to do this. For beginner level cybersecurity specialists, certification is an important business card showing that you have the basic skills needed to perform security functions in IT security.

Partnered with CompTIA, Vinsys offers CompTIA Security+ Certification training, for creating new tracks for a cybersecurity career. This credential is developed keeping in mind the pathways for a specialized career in the field of cybersecurity. This certification will help you in honing your skills related to security controls, enterprise networks, incident response, risk assessment and management, hybrid/cloud operations and forensics. 

While there are no formal prerequisites for the CompTIA Security+ exam, CompTIA recommends that candidates preparing for examination to have 24 months of network security administration experience and/or previous CompTIA certification.

Difference between CompTIA Security+ SYO-501 vs SYO-601 Certification: 

Validity of this Certification is three years, after which CompTIA introduces more advanced versions of the exam created to stay updated with technological developments.


The main difference between them is that the SY0-601 is a more limited version of its predecessor. The new exam covers five areas rather than six, led by a mature industry designation and 35 exam objectives compared to the 37 objectives of the SY0-501. Having fewer MCQs means more examples in every objective, enabling depth. 

While the SY0-601 is a newer version of the exam, one benefit of taking the SY0-501 is that more study material is available in the open market along with CompTIA material. Vinsys Cybersecurity program enables the candidates for the SY-601 exam with dedicated content related to video, mock test materials and so on. 

Get a good study guide: 

We recommend sticking to CompTIA-approved content, such as: CompTIA-approved quality study guides or CompTIA-published test preparation books. This ensures that you study with the best materials that are promoted by CompTIA. Online training guides can also be useful, but they may provide a less clear sense of what to expect from the exam because CompTIA does not publish actual questions from previous exams.

If you sign up for Vinsys training for Security+ exam, you will get access to study materials which will be useful for the preparation of the exam. Also, if required you can buy CompTIA's official study guide on its virtual store. Moreover, look for joining CompTIA Security+ exam community online so you can prepare yourself with minded individuals, get the answers of your queries and stay motivated from experts and online test takers. 

Create a plan for study: 

In case you have purchased the CompTIA Official Study Guide, please read or you can read the CompTIA Certification Guide, its entirety to get a layman's idea. All you need to know is about the exam and to identify knowledge gaps. You can do it in a few hours of time.

Then determine how much you already know about security technology from the materials and make a training plan as per the same. You should pay attention to the following:


  • How much time do you give dedicatedly to exam preparation each day/week?

  • When do you want to earn credentials? 

Students enrolled in Vinsys's cybersecurity training program have the opportunity to create a curriculum at the start of the course. This means that as you prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam, you will go through the material you already know about. You will also receive a similar training study guide.

CompTIA suggests not studying beyond one or two units every day. Expect about 60 hours of study time before you take the exam, so you may want to move for a few weeks.

Studying every unit needs careful reading in which you have to take proper notes, look up the terminologies you don't know in the dictionary, then use review questions to examine yourself and confirm what you've learned. If you will not have 24 months of prior hands-on experience for taking the exam, you will have to cover it through extra study. 

After briefly reading the entire training guide, you can take more detailed notes and prepare for the exam.

Learn in small pieces: 

Download or print a certification copy objectives to start your training. Remembering interpretations and concepts is the key to solving multiple-choice questions, but performance-based questions examine your capabilities to solve concepts and problems. Remember these skills while studying. Use a mix of reading, review questions and video watching by study guides to break the monotony and expand your knowledge. Moreover, the video materials included in our entire curriculum experience, complement your study with other resources such as flashcards, mock exams and digital labs. A digital lab is a virtual environment that consists of cybersecurity threats and protection against firewalls, malware, databases, encryption standards and many more. In your training with Vinsys you will work on such virtual labs for creating and testing numerous security defense techniques. You can use the system for making a virtual lab, where one can develop and test numerous defenses of security. Also check the benefits of CompTIA Certifications to address the cybersecurity risk.

Familiarize yourself with the test domain

List domains and individual items to display in each domain. It should contain key diagrams, concepts, and definitions such as under Secure Network Design, create a list that includes endpoint protection, subnetting and access control of the network. Make sure you master one domain before going on next. As you approach the exam objectives, various concepts will overlap, speeding up the learning process.

Prepare performance-based MCQs: 

Performance-based questions are more complicated than MCQs and take longer to solve. The key to managing your time accurately at the time of exams is to answer as many MCQs as you can. Note that a simulated PBQ environment is not a live lab, so the functionality of the system may be limited. Some alumni are advised to handle multiple choice questions first and then return to PBQ.

That way, you can give your time for rest questions and not go back and forth. There will be questions in which you will get more than one way to find the right answers. In that situation, you will get correct marks if the right solution is figured out. There might be questions for which partial credit is available, despite the fact that CompTIA doesn't disclose which ones.

Attempt mock tests: 

There are various websites available as a resource who offer mock tests for candidates. Although it offers a limited number of practice questions, you can also search mock exams online with a number of random questions, or if you want to go with a specific domain, such as malware or social engineering, you can search mock tests by exam topic.

Don't expect your first practice exam to pass:

Use that as a basis for what you already know about. One suggested approach is to attempt mock exams nearly three times: Identify areas of weakness at the beginning of your study and determine the direction of your training. Another time to help you identify segments is where you want to give extra time. In the third attempt, create a goal to score 90% or more, which means you are prepared for the real exam. Let the output of your final mock test exam determine your final review before the day of the exam. 

Remember that when the exam time will come, so once you have taken many mock exams and boosted your confidence, start utilizing the timer. Take frequent mock tests until you can get good marks in the 80's and 90's.

Well, you can consider signing up for Vinsys Security+ Training in the USA if you are aiming to prepare for the exam strategically. Vinsys is a leading institution offering various training for the cybersecurity domain that helps candidates to prepare for the exam with proper planning and initiate them in passing the exam in the very first attempt. 

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