Top 9 Common Myths About The Translation Services

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The translation service industry is perceived differently by individuals across the industry, propagating more myths than facts. Unlike technical services, language services demand a more personalized approach as the sole motive is to establish a natural connection with the users. However, it is mostly observed that people under-weigh the importance of reliable translation & interpretation services.

In fact, the translation industry’s demand is continually rising as organizations are convinced about the need to connect to their regional audiences than ever before. However, there are numerous myths about the industry that have overshadowed the necessity of these services and their benefits lately.

Here, we are going to look at some of the most common myths that surround the translation industry today. We are also going to debunk these faceless myths to clear things out for once and for all.

Let’s together bust some common myths about the translation services

Foreign Language Services
Foreign Language Services

1-Language Service Providers only offer translation and localization services

The LSP(language service provider) industry work goes much beyond just localization and translating. They rather offer a great variety of services such as interpretation, multilingual copywriting, transcription, transcreation, global SEO, and global marketing solutions, along with expert localization and translation services. The LSPs also provide their clients with AI-powered systems so that their translated written or spoken language gets more professional.

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2-You can become a translator when you know a foreign language

According to this myth, any person who knows a foreign language can translate better than the one who does not know the foreign language. The truth is that translation and interpretation service is very demanding and knowledge of two languages is not enough. It requires preparation, dedication, sacrifice, and wealth in the general knowledge.

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3-Translation and Interpretation are the same things

The language service providers focus on interpretations or translations to develop the expertise accordingly. In translation, a word, sentence, or paragraph is converted to a different language. While interpretation involves changes in the meaning of a speech. But translators require very good reading and writing skills to perform the job, while interpreters should have command over public speaking as well as good listening skills to execute their job.

4-Professional Translation is a human only industry

If you think that the professional translating industry is a human-only industry, then you are quite wrong. In the translating industry, there are two types of professional translating, the first one is human translating and the second one is computerized translating. If you are in a great hurry then you can go with the computerized industry, but if you have a great amount of time then you should probably go with the human translating industry. The computerized translators use a tool known as the CAT tool- a program that is specifically designed for the translators and linguists to improve the quality and the productivity of the translations. The CAT tools save a great amount of time and guarantee the quality and accuracy of the product to the translator.

5-Machine translation is as good as human translation

The digitization process of translation affects a lot to the translation industry. it’s improbable that human translators will be replaced by machine translators very soon. But there is no need to judge or debate on the topic of Machine vs Human translators as each of them has its qualities.

The computerized translators can translate large chunks of content or text within a very short time, while the human translators have top-notch quality. Human translators are very efficient so Vinsys mostly focuses on certified translation services by humans.

6-Knowledge of another culture is not important for translations

A culture of another language is inseparable, that is the reason why the translator must know the culture of the target language. It is important because the translator must know the history, holidays, cultural nuances, and idioms so that he or she can translate on the subject perfectly as well as professionally.

7- Translation can also be done in a jiffy

The thing is that humans have not developed time machines so that they can translate/interpret thousands of words within a blink of an eye. So professional translators require lots of time to translate, if you want it in a hurry you go with the translators premium prices which will cost more than the amount you were giving before. Even if you want some content translated that will involve multiple translators to work on a single project to meet the strict deadlines. However, remember that the more time you give the translator to translate your content the better will be the quality of the content.

8- My company does not require any translation

If you think that your company or business does not require any translation then it’s time to lift this veil of myth from your eyes. As a matter of fact, all businesses require translation. If you want your business to have a wider audience and get more popularity you will have to get translation services. You may think that you are not ready to go global, but by not coming out of your cocoon you will only miss growth opportunities and potential sales which will help you to grow your business and earn some profits.

9-Translator can translate all types of content

As you may know that you cannot ask a translator how experienced they are to translate the specific topic in your project. To create a good translation, translators should be an expert in the translating industry. If they are not then you will get a word to word exact translation of your project and that will only compromise the quality of your work.

So these were some common myths that people assume to be true. In case you are looking for translation services it is advised that you should rely on human translation services. Relying on computerized translation services is not good, even if they are cheap or free. The human translation service gives you the best quality result, Although it takes some time to translate. Through The computerized translation services, your work will be done within a few seconds only, but it will contain some mistakes that you surely don’t want. So rely on Vinsys which provides 100% Human Translation in more than 150+ languages.

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