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Sigmoidoscopy Test is a diagnostic test used to examine the lower colon (descending colon), rectum and anus with the help of a narrow tube-shaped device with a light and a viewing lens (camera) called a sigmoidoscope. It might consist of a tool to remove tissue for microscopic examination (biopsy) of disease.

Sigmoidoscopy Test is one of the most common methods used to examine the signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), diverticula (pouches on the colon wall), haemorrhoids or piles, strictures, ulcers, colon cancer, rectal cancer, intestinal polyps (abnormal tissue growth that may turn into cancer with time.

Indications of Sigmoidoscopy

In general, primary care physicians or gastroenterologist recommend sigmoidoscopy to screen for colon and rectal cancers or the presence of tumours. It is also used to examine or diagnose certain conditions like:

·         Diverticula (pouches on the colon wall)

·         Haemorrhoids or piles

·         Inflammatory bowel diseases like Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

·         Polyps

·         Strictures (narrowing of the lower colon)

·         Ulcers (sores)

It can also be used to investigate the following:

·         Anaemia due to low iron and blood count

·         Annal irritation

·         Changes in your bowel habits

·         Haematochezia (blood in stool)

·         Lower abdominal pain


Types of Sigmoidoscopy

Based on the extent of the sigmoidoscope’s reach in the lower large intestine, there are mainly two types of sigmoidoscopy procedure:

·         Flexible sigmoidoscopy

·         Rigid sigmoidoscopy


Flexible sigmoidoscopy: It is a procedure used to examine the lower part of the large intestine (up to the descending colon). It is performed using a 60 cm thin flexible fiber optic tube.

 Rigid sigmoidoscopy: It is also known as proctoscopy, a procedure used to examine the rectum and the anus. A hollow tube (rigid sigmoidoscopy) used in this process with a length of 25 centimeters is ideally suited for rectal assessments only, as it reaches up to the rectum and sigmoid colon.

Complications of a Sigmoidoscopy

A few complications are associated with sigmoidoscopy, the procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes to initiate and conclude without the need for an anaesthetic or sedative.

Some of the complications that could occur are:

·         After a biopsy, there might be minor bleeding

·         Abdominal lining inflammation (peritonitis)

·         Rare, but serious complications include intestinal perforation (hole in the intestinal wall)

The team of Sigmoidoscopy specialist doctors at PACE Hospitals have wide expertise in diagnosing and treating the most complex and complicated cases of Inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), diverticula, hemorrhoids, piles, strictures, ulcers, colon cancer, rectal cancer, intestinal polyps and colon polyps with using Sigmoidoscopy.

PACE Hospitals provides Sigmoidoscopy Test in Hyderabad with the of advanced endoscopy handled by highly experience experts to ensure efficient and safe experience.

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