Should You Hire a PPC Freelancer For Your Business?

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Hiring a freelance PPC can be an effective marketing strategy for your business if you are looking for quick results. Paid advertising will always be a vital part of running an e-commerce business. It's a risk worth taking considering how competitive the online world is. Getting a specialist to manage your advertising campaigns is a safe way to get the most for your money.

PPC and its importance

Paid search advertising, also known as pay per click (PPC) advertising, targets your audience through the use of search engines. As the name implies, you only pay when someone takes action on your ad (i.e. when someone clicks on it and is redirected to your website), which makes it profitable. Target the right customers using SEO, and the pay-per-click mechanism allows you to pay only for ads that work.

PPC specialists are your money makers and they are definitely worth hiring. Let's look at a day in the life of these diligent workers. Here is a list of some of the most common marketing tasks and how an independent PPC professional can help optimize your advertising campaigns.

Managing Campaigns

This is the bulk of each CPP specialist's job description. Creating and managing PPC campaigns involves many tasks, including

Researching competitors

High performance source lists

Keyword research

Review of ads and tests

Campaign performance monitoring

Creating reports

Checking Budget and Changing Bids

Monitoring project results also involves having to adjust objectives according to metrics. Probably the most important part of managing a PPC campaign is monitoring expenditures and conversions. A freelancer with CPP experience can decide which metrics to focus on and how to make adjustments.

Example: If your campaign is expected to exceed expenditures, you can decrease keyword bids to lighten your budget. If you are losing out on conversions, you can reallocate your budget to high performance campaigns and increase keyword offers.

Controlling Low-Performance Keywords and Negative Keywords

Every two weeks, a PPC specialist runs a search report (SQR) to find irrelevant terms and add them to the list of negative keywords. Knowing which keywords to remove prevents unsafe customers from clicking on your ad, thus increasing conversions. The same goes for pausing low-performing keywords to increase performance.

In addition to focusing on the negative, PPC freelancer are also experts at using tools to monitor strong competitors for possible keyword additions. New ad groups are created and continuous testing is done throughout the process.

Monitor Underperforming and Negative Keywords

The world of digital advertising is constantly changing. PPC experts are in the habit of reading industry related blogs to keep up to date. Subscribing to newsletters and scanning online resources are tasks they perform regularly as part of their professional enhancement. Therefore, they are always aware of new trends that could influence their campaign, and use this knowledge to improve the success of their campaign.

Keeping you in the loop

As a business owner, you need to know what is going on in your business. PPC can be very complex, and you may not be very well versed in this technical area. PPC experts have the knowledge and experience to take care of all the details, and will also be able to give you regular updates to work with, without having to learn the details. Whether it's to present summary reports, give trend updates, explain a new strategy or even just answer simple questions, PPC freelancers will be able to tell you what you need to know to make important decisions regarding your advertising strategy.

Why Should You Hire a Freelancer for Your PPC Campaign?

For a more in-depth discussion of the importance of investing in PPC, here are six good reasons why you should hire a PPC freelancer for your business

1. PPC Advertising is a Focused Trade

Digital advertising is a specialized trade and PPC is even more complicated. It can be overwhelming for someone without the right background.

Take Amazon, for example. This retail giant has set the standard for e-commerce platforms and the operation of online businesses. Its advertising platform, better known as Amazon PPC, has been around since 2012

2. SEO is a Slow Craft and a Tricky Process

A freelancer who is familiar with SEO strategies is important for your PPC campaign. Finding the right keywords to identify your target audience is a challenge. This is especially true because market research can be vague and buyers' habits are constantly changing. Optimizing with the right keywords can help accelerate your cash flow.

Hiring a freelance PPC will help you better manage the essential details of your advertising campaign. He will answer your questions, for example, whether to use acronyms instead of words in your ads and whether to use singular or plural keywords.

3. Ads Need Creative, Catchy Titles

In addition to being SEO experts, PPC freelancers are also talented advertisers. Writing advertising copy is different from writing other forms of content. It has become more challenging today considering the competitive nature of advertising campaigns.

The art of writing persuasive ads is unique. Only PPC experts are able to create copy that focuses on getting the audience to click on the ads. The most talented ones are able to convert these clicks into sales in their store.

4. PPC Experts Posses the Right Tools and Experience

Some of the essential tools of a CFP professional are the tools used for monitoring and analyzing keywords. The price of the software paid is expensive and learning how to use them is even more expensive. An experienced PPC consultant knows how to use high performance analysis tools. They also know that these professional tools are much better than the free ones as they offer more features, allowing them to really optimize their SEO and PPC campaigns. If you hire a PPC freelancer, you can be sure that the person working on your advertising campaign knows what the best resources are and how to maximize them to achieve the desired results.

5. PPC Experts Do Comprehensive Monitoring of Your Campaigns

Setting up and running a PPC campaign takes a lot of time with all the testing and revisions that are done. In addition to the keyword list, research, writing and creating summary reports also make up a large portion of your PPC manager's time.

Monitoring a PPC campaign is more than watching changes in metrics and forecasting trends. A PPC expert is able to adapt to emerging trends and make necessary updates. If they are one step ahead of their competitors, they will try to influence these trends to lean in their direction in the future.

6. Digital Advertising is their Niche

Pay per click advertising is his area of expertise. You can ask them everything you want to know about PPC and they will give you answers and results. These freelancers are the rock stars of your business. Despite the dynamic and ever changing methodologies of giants like Amazon and Google, they invest in themselves and study to learn the latest developments.

Each advertising campaign is unique and a PPC freelancer will design one that is right for your business. Ultimately, they will execute this plan and achieve their goals better than anyone else outside the field.


Online advertising has been and will continue to be a fundamental part of each company's brand strategy. Setting up PPC ads may seem easy. However, don't risk losing large amounts of money just because you tried to run your first campaign on your own. Hiring an advertising professional is one of the best decisions you will make in your career as a business owner.

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