Several rules for earrings selection, learn to choose earrings that suit you.

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In our daily outfits, some sisters always feel that their outfits are too monotonous, but the patterns of the clothes are also very fancy, so they feel that there is something missing. In fact, there are fewer types of outfits. Jewelry is a very important link. Matching it with or without video is really two completely different effects, which instantly distinguish the exquisite urban beauty from the ordinary passers-by. So the editor today will share some tips for choosing earrings for you sisters.

Choose the right earring color

Speaking of the color of accessories, many sisters often ignore this point, but don't underestimate the color of these small accessories. For accessories, there is also a color matching. If the color is not suitable, it will set off the dull skin tone, and will not have the effect of brightening the skin tone and setting off.

Simply put, people with warm skin are more suitable for gold jewelry, while people with cool skin are more suitable for silver jewelry. Of course, this does not mean that the warm-skinned sisters can't try the opposite silver jewelry at all, and the cold-skinned sisters can't try the opposite gold jewelry at all.
Take gold jewelry as an example. There are also many types and colors of jewelry in one color. Gold jewelry also has golden pure gold, light gold K gold, and pink rose gold. The latter two are opposite. Say it's better to handle.

The same is true for silver jewelry. There are both cool silver and off-white silver. The latter can be tried even by warm-skinned sisters.

Choose an wholesale earring style

If you choose a style, you must choose the right earrings according to each person's face shape. But the principles to follow are roughly the same, that is, the area of ​​the earrings should be the same as yours, and the shape of the earrings should be the opposite of yours.

In simple terms, it means that tall girls will not feel exaggerated even if they wear some exaggerated earrings, while some sisters who look petite will be more suitable for small and exquisite designs. earring.
If tall and strong sisters wear these delicate and small earrings, they will feel that the presence of the earrings has been weakened a lot and disappear instantly.

Therefore, the problem of big and small needs a reference, which is relative. We choose earrings to match, and the final desired effect of these earrings can be on our body and coordinate with our height and shape.

Pay attention to the shape of the earrings

Secondly, we should also pay attention to the selection of earrings according to our face shape. If it is a sister with a round face, then do not wear round jewelry, a sister with a long face should not wear long jewelry, and a sister with a square face should not wear square jewelry.

When choosing, try to choose earrings that are different from your face shape. When we choose earrings, we don’t need to worry too much about which face shape our face is. In fact, we can imagine our face shape as a geometric pattern, and it is enough to remember the sentence “where to make up for the lack”.
For example, a long face is more inclined to a long ellipse, and its upper and lower space has actually been filled, so it can be extended horizontally by supplementing the space of the left and right faces. For round faces, you can lengthen the face vertically by adding space below the face.

For a square face, it is also divided into a rectangular face and a square face. A rectangular face is similar to an oblong face, and a square is similar to a round face. The only difference is that its edges and corners may be more obvious, so we can use some line-shaped earrings to modify the face shape and make the entire face contour look softer.
The existence of jewelry cannot be ignored, and it can play a big role in the critical moment. Earrings are one of the more common and versatile items among many accessories. There are many types of earrings, and some small skills are required to choose them.

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