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by John Piter Web Developer

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for ages and it is instrumental to any successful business using the internet. The world of business marketing is changing. Will SEO also join the trend? And, what is the future of SEO come 2020?

With many internet marketing strategies/methodologies present these days, internet marketers have been asking if search engine optimization will still be of relevant in 2020.

Though, it is not easy to predict this accurately. It is even difficult to predict the future of the internet and computers in general. But, there are clues of where SEO is heading in the future.

The future of SEO lies in the hand of the following;

  • 1.      Mobile Search

Since the emergence of mobile devices, the use of desktop search has continued to decline, and there’s no sign of going back from the mobile search usage in the next decade.

There’s every possibility that the number of mobile searches will rapidly increase per user in the future. Older generations will definitely give way for the new breed who will rely on mobile search for almost everything.

Plus, mobile search will become easier, faster and convenient, making way for huge search traffic for every user in use or circulation. Hence, the future of SEO wouldn't be in doom!

  • 2.      E-commerce

The future of SEO by 2020 also lies in the hand of e-commerce. E-commerce will be easy to access and at the same time become powerful seeing the likes of Amazon leading the race.

The combination of e-commerce with the smooth mobile experience is not a win-lose situation since Google’s AMP - accelerated mobile pages and e-commerce are growing every day, with an alternative feature to enhance interactive product pages.

It's safer to predict that the accelerated mobile page (AMP) wouldn't stop growing in 2020 and beyond, fostering more dynamic content and product listings which will definitely be beneficial to search.

  • 3.      Social Media

Social media is no doubt one of the surest ways to build links. Now, the question is; is social media going to replace the popular link building we are familiar with? It's a known fact that link building has in the last decade changed irrevocably.

This will be of great benefits to those who have a successful online channel in the realm of SEO.

Also, will 2020 be that era where search engine optimization will recognize every user’s social media dealings as a necessary factor in its ranking? Regarding all link building strategies, there is heavy tendency that it might be exposed to the black hat tactics, with the Google’s artificial intelligence skills out to be of help.

  • 4.      YouTube

SEO future in 2020 and beyond will have a great influence on YouTube and vice versa. Looking at the rapid development and tech evolution, whether the present views for SEO would remain firm in the year 2020 somehow looks shabby.

The truth is just that YouTube by then would be able to listen carefully, mastered the search, understand and convert all the audio/video content files.

In a nutshell, the video sources by 2020 would become more concise, precise and straight forward.

  • 5.      App Store Optimization

While the year 2020 may sound as though it's not forthcoming, another decade is really approaching. So, what will be the fate of SEO?

The app store optimization would be of more value and users will have more Apps available for their use as the content and the context of the apps would be understandable to search engine.

In the same vein, there will be an increase in consumer experience in App integration since Google has been looking for methods to add available and relevant apps into the search results page.

  • 6.      Customer Service

In the last few years, we have seen online shopping, digital services and marketing grow. Albeit, the customer service level has not reached its peak.

By 2020, businesses will concentrate on digital customer service using various social media outlets and websites so as to look different from their competitors.

And as a result of this, there could be adoption of more SEO tools like the Live Chat and Hotjar to deal with potential customers effectively and efficiently at a relatively short period of time.

In addition, just like how smartphone has gone viral, voice search will also become a tradition that will be widely celebrated in 2020.

  • 7.      New Technology

So many beautiful things in life explain an era, ranging from lifestyle and fashion down to economic plus social circumstances. Digital marketing has ceased to be the ‘buzzword’ that it's known for.

It has now encompassed a gigantic host of digital and social media outlets embracing the latest technology.

Let's put Google aside. Artificial intelligence could serve as a helping tool to all hardworking SEOs users who as a result of lack of time saver in this data-driven world.

Therefore, it's very pertinent to note that Artificial Intelligence is not up to take over from SEO’s but rather to impact on how to run an SEO successfully.

Virtual Reality (VR) has been in existence for some decades now. Maybe it's ahead of its time, but now that there's been a great force of technological boom in processing power and graphics, it’s gradually getting better. 

The gaming fanatics saw this coming first. And now, almost all the major tech company with Google inclusive are capitalizing on it.

  • 8.      Fall of Traditional Ads

It's crystal clear that the traditional advertising strategy have been mutilated by the modern means for a long period of time, and they will certainly continue to dwindle in power till they totally fade away.

By the time they finally bite the dust, the huge number of businesses (both large and small) relying on the traditional ads campaign as their method of acquiring customer will be left with no other choice rather than to embrace the ads campaigns in modern world.

By so doing, the future of SEO will be bright and colorful come 2020.

In conclusion, the chances are very high that SEO will keep on growing in name and popularity till tomorrow. Essence, come 2020, SEO would invariably change its tools and strategies, and the way and manner it's being executed will drastically change too.

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