School’s Infrastructure and Its Importance Towards Education

by Samiksha S. Author

Our society has already evolved beyond the point where we could call any room filled with desks and equipped with a blackboard a classroom. Our demands for our children have gone beyond the point where mere textbook knowledge was sufficient to survive and thrive in their future. Time and again, it has been proven by numerous surveyors and researchers that a school’s infrastructure has a direct relationship with a student’s education and the former has the potential to act as a catalyst towards the latter. When educated in the perfect environment, a student finds success naturally and minimum external force is needed to guide the child down the path of academics.

This post picks up a few essential infrastructures that the top ten school in Greater Noida and discusses their relevance in their students’ educational life. Privy yourself here about the necessities of each and avoid settling for anything less in your child’s school.

  1. Infirmary

What is your primary instinct as a parent when it comes to your child’s health? To have an expert doctor or nurse on call, keep all the necessary first-aid equipment ready, and extend the utmost care and compassion to your ailing child should the unforeseen happen. This way, the child feels protected and wants to stay in your vicinity. He/she will also be willing to take risks and go beyond her capabilities to try out a new sport move and push boundaries. With an in-house infirmary, schools can replicate this parental protection at their own campus. And you also get the peace of mind that in your absence your child’s health will be taken care of.

  1. Security

No human being can thrive in an unsafe environment. Let alone education, if a child does not feel physically and emotionally safe at his/her school, he/she cannot even continue with her basic needs like eating or interacting with peers. Thus, having a top-notch security infrastructure is primary for all schools keeping children safe both from threats of the real world and the digital domain. Modern technology must blend with manual expertise here and the students must remain under constant surveillance.

  1. Library

Ever wondered why the top schools and colleges always have the best of libraries? It is because when confined merely to the lessons of textbooks, students tend to become academically sound. But when learning has the scope to go beyond, that is when the instructions transform into education. A rich library is always a source of abundance knowledge. And it acts to stimulate a student’s mind to become curious and explore beyond set limitations. The top 5 school in Greater Noida will always have a massive library. Where students can venture out and feed their interests.

  1. Sports

Physical activity has a direct impact on knowledge retention and it helps in the overall development of growing children. An active student has a greater attention span, better cognition, and improved motor skills. Plus, he/she is more creative in her approach and far more outgoing than an inactive student. Not only are sports, a necessary infrastructure in all schools but the options available to students also counts as the children must have the scope to select the activity they want to participate in. Each choice comes with their own lessons and students must participate in multiple to become a performer.

  1. Arts

If library makes a student’s mind rich with information and sports make him/her physically fit, fine arts is the field where the child can explore and nurture his/her creative side and become a standout candidate in the near future. Creativity is what fuels every aspect of emotional and intellectual growth. Only through creativity can a child become curious, find out innovative solutions, and become unique from the common crop to rise above. By including fine arts in their curriculum, the top institutes in the list of Greater Noida schools equip their students with a powerful skill. They can either extend their creative side into their profession or apply the lessons learned during their entire life.

Is there any excuse for any school to not have any of the above infrastructures? Can a student really thrive by not having access to any of the above five? These are what separate a top school from the rest. BGS Vijnatham is one such school that has all the above necessary infrastructures and much more to aid their students’ education. The school identifies the importance of resources and ambiance and maintains all modern aspects within its campus. Send your child to a school where infrastructure also has equal prominence as academics. As that is the place that can truly be called an educational establishment.

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