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by JBM Global Teacher

If only we learn to listen more than 99 % of the problems of the world will resolve. Listening is an overlooked tool that creates an environment of safety when done well. It can be a challenging skill to master.


But why should we care about improving our listening skills?

And aren’t there better things we should be spending our time on?


The benefits of improving these skills may not be easily quantified; listening better will improve every area of your life. The importance of listening has been emphasized since ancient times.  The Greek philosopher Diogenes once said, “We have two ears and one tongue so to listen more and talk less”. Even the elephants have big ears and small mouth so that they can listen more and talk less and yet be part of the herd.


v Tips to improve listening skills -

1.      Daydreaming and Failing to Listen

2.     Judging What the Other Person is Saying

3.     Predicting What The Other Person is Saying

4.     Actively engage with what you are listening to

5.     Create interest and be prepared

6.     Take Good Notes

School In Noida Listening is an art we should all take the effort to improve because we spend so much time doing it. It’s the key to building high quality relationships with others – both professionally and personally.

Active Listening in schools can be encouraged by the following:

1. Get to know students—and let them get to know you

2. Talk less

3. Hold them accountable for listening

4. Model good listening behavior

5. Let them help each other listen

6. Let others do the talking

All the teachers while taking seminar in schools on Expressway, Noida were told to motivate children to adopt the above points. Especially, secondary and senior secondary classes in  Schools of Noida

Listening is a skill that is clearly in need of improvement. It may take some practice and effort to do, even more so for a student learning English as a second language than for a native English speaking student. With persistence, attention and dedication it is possible. Students can start by practicing “Active listening”, which requires the listener to make a conscious effort to hear exactly what is being said and more importantly trying to understand the message being spoken. It requires the student to pay close attention to what the speaker is saying, and making a concentrated effort not to get distracted by either the surroundings or one’s thoughts. After all, it is common place for anyone to begin drafting their responses and counter-arguments while the other party is still speaking. It prevents the listener from absorbing the speaker’s message as intended and opens up the chances of misunderstanding. Nursery admission in greater noida schools


How well one listens has a considerable impact on one’s job effectiveness, academic performance and also defines the quality of relationships one builds with one’s friends and acquaintances.


You can learn something new every day, if you listen!!

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