5 Benefits of Using Mind Mapping Technique for Students

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Mind mapping technique is easy to make and use. It saves your time for studying and you can revise quickly during exam preparation.


Explore how to draw a mind map and derive the real benefits on your exam day.


What can be done when you don’t understand a concept or find it difficult to memorize a long answer or a theoretical answer?


Repeating the readings is one way to gain an in-depth understanding. It may work for a specific concept and may not be feasible for other topics.


The best way to excel in difficult topics while studying for Board exams is to opt for Mind Map activity.


Mind mapping is one of the best learning techniques to capture all the scattered and/or crowded ideas into a visual form. It helps you to memorize sharp, and solve the problems effectively. More than that, it inculcates and refines your creativity.


Mind Mapping technique is also known as Spider Diagrams, Concept Mapping, Spray Diagrams or the Notetaking.  


A mind map activity involves a drawing which connects all the information concerned to a subject. The diagram can be compared to a tree, wherein the trunk forms the main topic and the branches as the subtopics. The branches can be further extended for many levels and linked together.


For instance:

If you take India, Country is the core, from which branches like states arise, and internal branches form the districts, taluk, town, villages, and so forth. And, all these can be linked together.


As the mind map is compact, it helps you to associate the concepts quickly and recall them without fail as required. You can break the concept or project into smaller chunks to manage and remember appropriately by including all sensitive points.


How to Draw a Mind Map?


It is recommended to draw a mind map using a pen and paper rather than a laptop or mobile devices. The simple steps to follow are:


  • Start from the center of the paper leaving space for multi-directional additions.
  • Use an image for the center. The central image helps you to keep focused. For instance. Picture of India Map
  • Draw branches of ‘n’ number showing ‘n’ number of states and name them along the branch
  • Take one state at a time. You can further extend the branch to ‘n’ number corresponding to ‘n’ number of districts. And proceed with the districts the same way.
  • Use different colors to denote states, districts, towns, villages and so forth.
  • Connect the main branch to India, sub-branches districts to its states, and continue so.
  • As you connect each one of them, your mind starts associating each of them together and independently as well.
  • Do not overcrowd the space with phrases or sentences. Use limited words as much as possible.
  • You can try to put images also rather than cramming the spaces with words.
  • The pictures help you to recall immediately as compared to the written phrases.
  • There is nothing standard method to draw a mind map. You are at free-will to work as your mind finds it comfortable.
  • As you write instead of typing, recalling ability is increased further. Because your visual and motor sensory nerves are working integrally.


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Where To Use Mind Mapping Technique?


Mind Mapping is the best learning techniques and applies to students and people working in key posts as well. It can be used for

  • Brainstorming session(s)
  • Summarizing a concept
  • Consolidating the points from varied resources
  • Simplifying the complex problems
  • Presenting an overall structure of a concept
  • Studying for the Board exams


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5 Benefits of Using Mind Mapping Technique for Students Taking Board Exams:


Easy Notes:

The notes could be made easy for studying during the exam preparation days. It reduces the notebook size to a few sheets. You can prepare the notes and revisit them as often required and during last minute revision times.


Essay Writing:

Essay writing is a compulsory part of the Board exam paper for the languages 1, 2, and 3 as well. Creating a mind map helps you to quickly list the ideas into paragraphs and bullet points. Further, you can easily connect them easily.


Exam Preparation:

It is easy to prepare for the exam with the mind maps ready in hand for all the major topics. You can also memorize and create another map quickly such that your revision period is reduced to a greater extent. You can relax as well, as your confidence level is boosted already.


Solve Problems:

Mind mapping helps you to generate step-wise data for the given problem easily. Deriving the data is the tricky part of a problem, particularly in Physics or calculus. Then, you can solve the problem quickly by substituting the data with the appropriate formula and arrive at the correct answer in lesser time.


Group Study:

Mind mapping helps to bring out an integral idea to learn better and faster. You can use a whiteboard and ask the group to draw a mind map on a select topic. Everybody’s ideas could be merged as a single mindmap at the end. This leads to a healthy discussion during the drawing phase, and also it is difficult for each of you to forget it.  


Takeaway Keynote on Mind Mapping :


With the help of mindmap, you can increase your memory retention power and perform well in the Board exams. If you imbibe this talent at an early stage, it will help you in your future career too.

You can utilize the time more efficiently and skillfully.

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