Same Day Dentures: The Procedure And Benefits

by Parkview Dental Dental Office
Same day dentures also popularly known as immediate dentures or temporary dentures are dentures that are placed right after the extraction of the teeth. Such a process works by replacing all the teeth that have been extracted. Same day dentures are for your convenience. Immediate dentures are full or partial temporary denture solutions with the help of which you do not have to suffer due to missing teeth for any period of time. This procedure enables you to leave the dental clinic with your smile and confidence intact after teeth extraction.
What is the process for same day dentures?

While your natural teeth are untouched, an impression of your mouth is taken and used in order to craft an immediate denture. After a tooth has been extracted, your dentist will place denture teeth (based on the shape and size of your mouth) as close as possible to the position of your remaining teeth. Your denture will either be fitted at the time of extraction or fixed around a week after extraction. The fitting of dentures is only delayed if teeth are compromised or over-erupted. 

It is normal to encounter swelling and slight changes after extraction of your tooth but immediate denture can be fixed as close as possible while still considering any changes or swelling. This is a temporary solution for you to be able to perform your daily activities while your permanent denture is being made and fitted.

What are the advantages of temporary dentures?

There are a number of benefits that your temporary dentures are capable of offering. First of all immediate dentures are applied on the same day of your tooth extraction, so you do not have to deal with a missing tooth at any time. Also, you will be able to appear in public with the same confidence because of the temporary dentures. 

Immediate dentures also help in the protection of tissue and the extraction site thereby aiding in the reduction of overall bleeding. And, because of the presence of a temporary tooth in place of the extracted tooth, there is the least possibility that the rest of your teeth will shift.

Therefore, immediate dentures prove to be a simple and effective temporary solution. 
What is the difference between temporary and permanent dentures?

The key differences between immediate dentures and permanent dentures are mentioned as follows:-

     • An immediate denture is designed in order to act as a functional replacement with a view to eventually placing a permanent denture.
     • Same day dentures are a temporary solution for an extracted or a missing tooth whereas a permanent denture is a carefully crafted dental health care solution to provide a permanent solution for your missing tooth.  
     • The process used to craft the replacement tooth is different. For a permanent denture, the mold is taken once the swelling has gone down after the extraction whereas immediate dentures are designed to be used while the mouth is still swollen.

What after-care measures do you need to follow post-immediate dentures?

Once your temporary dentures have been fitted by your dental professional after the tooth extraction process, it is essential for you to follow your dental professional’s advice in order to avoid any further complications. Hence, to keep your teeth clean and healthy after extraction, you should follow the below guidelines:-

    1. You will have swelling after the extraction process, but as this swelling will subside, your immediate denture will also become loose.
    2. As a solution to the loosening denture, your family dentist Gilbert will help you out with a temporary lining to ensure a proper fit of your immediate denture. 
    3. Your dentist will advise you to keep your temporary dentures in for 48 hours and different ways of pain management.
    4. In order to ensure your comfort and oral health are a priority at all times, your dentist will be available to any answer all your questions.   
If you are in the process of getting a full or partial denture your dental expert may have mentioned same day dentures as a temporary solution for your extracted teeth. For more information about same day dentures, you can book an appointment with Parkview Dental who is the best family dentist Gilbert

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