Do You Need a Root Canal Before Getting a Dental Bridge?

by Parkview Dental Dental Office

Dentists do not often recommend root canals when placing dental bridges. Often called dental caps, these dental prosthetics are used to cover teeth visible to the naked eye. It is very hard to detect when someone has a bridge on their tooth because bridges are designed to look like the tooth they cover.

Root canals are common procedures, which means that the need for one before a crown installation is not a myth. Root canals are not essential in every case though, since several reasons can be met without a crown. More on this later!


What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal therapy involves removing the soft tissues inside a tooth. A pulpectomy is usually performed when an infected or damaged tooth has exposed the nerves and pulp to the bacteria in the mouth.

When the procedure is initiated, an anesthetic is administered and a hole is drilled into the damaged tooth. As the pulp chamber is being extracted, many different widths of files are used. Finally, the hole is closed by applying a sealant. Rubber sealant is used to deter decay, and a dental bridge provides additional stability. A dentist may decide instead of applying a bridge to the tooth to apply a composite material instead.

Contrary to popular belief, root canals are not painful!


What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can fill in the gaps left by missing teeth in your smile. An abutment tooth on either side of the gap anchors the pontic (false tooth) in place. However, politics usually are made from porcelain to match your natural teeth aesthetically. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as gold!


Reasons Why a Treated Tooth Needs a Dental Bridge

The back teeth (molars and premolars) usually require a bridge. They usually require extra support since they are under the most biting force. You can always search for dental bridges near Gilbert on Google to find the nearest and the best dental clinics around you!

Also, after a root canal, a front tooth will tear rather than crunch, so a bridge is usually unnecessary. Besides dental health, bruxism and previous damage to the tooth can also influence whether a tooth will need a dental crown after a root canal.

1. Dental Health

The root canal that led to the bridge placement is highly dependent on the extent of the break or decay that led to the root canal. It is occasionally possible to fill minor cracks and decay with resin instead of needing a full dental bridge. In cases where a patient is otherwise healthy, and the adjacent teeth are in good condition, a bridge is not always needed.

2. Abrasion or Bruxism

Bruxism, or grinding and clenching of the teeth, will necessitate dental bridges in those who undergo root canal therapy. This freshly treated tooth will be damaged by the immense pressure placed on it. Root canal treatment weakens the tooth. Perfectly healthy teeth can become weak through bruxism. A hollowed-out tooth is incredibly vulnerable to being ground down by grinding.

3. A History of Damage

The risk of breaking root canal teeth with previous damage is higher. When a tooth's structural integrity is in doubt, a dental crown or a bridge can keep it from crumbling.


Root Canal-Free Dental Bridges Are Popular Among Patients

Dental crowns, which do not require a root canal, are commonly used for the following purposes:

1. Teeth Chipped

It may not be necessary to perform a root canal when some breaks or chips don't open up the pulp chamber. To prevent sensitivity caused by broken enamel, a bridge can protect the tooth. A bridge installed on a restored tooth will be virtually impossible to distinguish from a natural one.

2. Making Discoloured Teeth Look Better

The teeth whitening treatments available today are quite effective, but they cannot remove all types of stains. Whitening treatments cannot remove stains caused by tooth decay or excessive fluoridation. The discolored tooth can be covered up with dental crowns to enhance a patient's smile!


The Bottom Line

A dental bridge is not something to be feared. Get your questions answered about a root canal in Gilbert AZ by contacting Parkview Dental. You can now get the oral health you deserve!

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