Russia-Ukraine crisis

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: Know about sanctions on Russia

War continues, and China urges Russia-Ukraine to hold direct talks.

Beijing: China urges direct talks between Russia and Ukraine. This was revealed by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi when speaking by telephone with his US colleague Antony Blinken, as the war after the Moscow invasion entered its tenth day. 

The talks marked the first call between the country's top diplomats since the start of a feud characterized by heavy Russian bombardment and fierce resistance from Ukrainian fighters who maintain control of the capital Kive. Since the conflict began, China has followed a cautious diplomatic path, refusing to condemn Moscow's actions touting the "borderless" friendship between the two countries last month.


"We hope that the fighting will stop as soon as possible, and that will prevent a large-scale humanitarian crisis," Wang added, admitting that the talks between the two countries will not "go smoothly." 

But while the US and many other countries have imposed various sanctions on Moscow, China has yet to call the crisis a war. Wang repeated the complexity of the matter on Saturday, saying it was closely related to the security interests of all parties

Former US General: Deploy All Missile Submarines, See Putin Bully or Not

WASHINGTON - Retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg advised the United States (US) to deploy all its ballistic missile submarines to stop Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

 According to him, the deployment of the submarine fleet was to see firsthand whether the Russian president was bluffing or not about the threat of nuclear weapons. Kellog was the National Security Advisor to the US Vice President from 2018 to 2021 or the era of the Donald Trump administration. Data from the US Navy shows the United States operates 14 ballistic missile submarines, each of which can carry 20 long-range missiles. Also read: Russia Releases 48 Unfriendly Countries, Indonesia Does Not Enter the List.

Delivered Kellogg's suggestion on Monday (7/3/2022). He described his suggestion as a "creative solution" to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"You know, we typically have between five and six ballistic-boomer-missile submarines at sea at any one time," Kellogg said on Fox News' "Jesse Watters Primetime ." "Push the whole fleet down, put every boomer we have at sea, and we can operate them and put them in there. 

And you say: 'Look, we're not going to back down from the nuclear problem you have," he said. "You know, go all in, bluff him—you know, he—let's see if he's bluffing or not," Kellogg continued.

Kellogg said his suggestion was likely to make Putin's generals a little worried.

"You guys want to do this, but you have to be creative, and you have to put [Putin] behind his feet," Kellogg said. Watters previously asked Kellogg what he thought about distracting Russia to make them a little nervous. "What if we get the Japanese to make some trouble on their east side?" Watter said.

 "What if we sent some Navy assets to the Black Sea? Just say: 'Hey, you know, we're protecting Turkey, our NATO ally. What if, you know, we launched some jets in the Baltic or something,Kellogg did not immediately respond to Watters' idea but offered his suggestion of a submarine as an alternative solution. 

But the former National Security Adviser to the US Vice President's comments about Putin appeared to contradict what the general had said days earlier. On Saturday, Kellogg noted that "Putin is not bluffing" while speaking on Fox News' "Lawrence Jones Cross Country" show about the Russian leader's potential use of heavy artillery and cluster bombs in Ukraine. "Putin wasn't bluffing. And we should have been building weapons then. We didn't. 

We waited," he said. "And part of the reason, we say, is because we believe if we did, it would be an escalation. Well, now we're too late." On February 27, Putin put Russia's nuclear forces on high alert, raising the possibility of a launch. He blamed sanctions from the West imposed to punish Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.


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