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For modern newlyweds, at the thought of how much everything remains to be done and foreseen, their heads begin to spin, and somewhere inside, a small ball of horror rises - where to start, what to take on. But the eyes are afraid, but the hands do. If you approach the matter systematically and slowly, everything will not be so scary, especially when there is no shortage of assistants. Today we are focusing on the design of the hall for the wedding - let's see what ideas and how you can use them to make the wedding original and memorable.




Flowers come to mind first - this is a classic that should not be rejected outright, no matter how banal it may seem to you. Look at the peony wedding of Andrey and Olga, decorated in the workshop of Alina Taranova, and you will agree that the flowers give just a fantastic flight for the imagination. The field for activity here is enormous, and there are also a million options for implementation, so originality is unlikely to suffer. But much more attributes are used for wedding decor.



 The most straightforward and most affordable in every sense is decoration with balloons. Of these, today, you can create entire panoramas; it looks incendiary and costs a penny. 


Some more original ideas


  • Creation of extensive thematically focused photo zones.
  • Significant voluminous words, for example, with the names of the bride and groom.
  • Slate tablets on the walls with riddles or wishes are almost a wedding quest.
  • Paper decor from coloured sheets - there are many options for embodiment.
  • Sky lanterns, which look especially advantageous in the evening on the street.
  • Huge living figures of animals or cartoon characters.

And this is not a complete list. To avoid getting lost among the many options, we give a hint. First, outline the general style of the wedding tries to associate the upcoming event with other significant dates or colours place. Perhaps you met your future spouse in Italy, or are you going there on your honeymoon? So why not start it at home by inventing an Italian style wedding. Or set the tone for the entire event by keeping décor as the whole in the same colour scheme. This doesn't need to choose traditional colours that have set the teeth on edge; choose something exotic, for example, the colour of marsala.




This colour has been at the peak of popularity for the last couple of years. An unusual combination of burgundy and brown results in a unique, elegant shade associated with the colour of ripe cherries. And then it's easy - find a colour compatibility table on the Internet and choose a couple more shades that will look advantageous with the marsala colour. The name, by the way, comes from a delicious sweet Sicilian wine. If you know a lot about natural wine, then here's your reason for choosing a colour.


The guests will surely remember a marsala wedding if you manage to choose the right additional tones. Since marsala is a deeply saturated colour, it is better to choose some neutral shade as the leading tone: beige, pink, lilac, salmon, light grey. Marsala accents in bows or fabric flowers will look great on such tablecloths and chair covers. The final touch will be the bride's bouquet, which contains brown and burgundy. The warm and deep marsala colour, which once broke into the fashionable Olympus a couple of years ago, steadfastly keeps in trend and does not lose ground. Perhaps because it is universal in its elegance, suitable for everyone and any situation. This was demonstrated on the fashion podium of the Valentino collection,




Another feature will captivate your guests, especially if the wedding is planned at the height of the summer season. Imagine, around the heat and closeness, the guests are filled with ice-cold drinks to cool themselves from the inside somehow. And suddenly, at an outdoor wedding ceremony, you are met by a white-white winter with fluffy snow, Santa Claus, a snowman with a carrot and a bucket, and, most importantly, with quite real snowballs. This is how you can throw snowballs at each other and guests in the middle of summer. Entirely innocent (. will not harm guests), but such attractive entertainment. After all, most people want, as in the song: "in winter - summer, in autumn - spring."


This option is also attractive because. Can implement it at a minimal cost. Snow in the middle of summer is also sold ready-made, but there are even more economical ways. White and fluffy, it is obtained from various ingredients: soda, shaving foam and sparkles; pieces of foam; from salt and water, and even from baby diapers. What, what, and quick wits we do not hold! For example, a robust salt solution produces excellent frost, covering everything around. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to decorate your wedding hall with your own hands, then here is a terrific unhackneyed option for you. During the wedding celebration, you will find yourself in the natural kingdom of the Snow Queen.




However, a winter fairy tale in the middle of summer may be too extreme for some. If you do not accept such dizzying passages and do not want to shock your parents and grandparents, choose a calm classic but no less attractive and inexpensive option for decorating a wedding hall with fresh flowers.

Let's return from a winter fairy tale to a summer, natural forest warm fairy tale because the combination of cream and white roses with modern white furniture and rustic interiors seems magical. The only thing missing is a fairy with a magic wand that will fulfil all your solemn wishes and turn the wedding ceremony into an absolute royal ball. Although the fairy is now ordering is also not a problem.


Of course, creating such magnificence with your own hands will be difficult if you have no experience with flowers. Find a florist decorator who knows how to make hall decor elements from flowers, and he will already direct the free hands of volunteer helpers in the right direction if you have these free helpers.




You can save a lot of money on friends and girlfriends who are ready to spend their time decorating the hall for the wedding. Although they are unlikely to create floral delights without sensitive guidance, they can beautifully drape chairs with capes. And if you add balloons of the same colour to the projections, which cost a penny but look festive and very elegant, you get an excellent original Annapurna Caterers and Decoration of the wedding hall, sustained in one tone. It will not be challenging to buy fabric and cut it into approximately the same size pieces.

Decorating a hall for a wedding with your own hands is not only a way to save money. When people close to you are involved in this fascinating business, they will probably put a little more soul into it than representatives of the agency, who are completely unfamiliar with you.




Here is the hall design for a wedding in vintage style that is unlikely to be within the power of non-professionals. It would seem to decorate the room with a few antique things, add gilding and voila. But if you want something similar to what you came up with within the decor studio of Larisa Preobrazhenskaya for a wedding that took place at the Imperial Yacht Club, you can't do it on your own. The skilful combination of antique furniture with warm spring greenery and antiques that can only be seen in the movies creates a unique atmosphere of reliability and comfort. It seems that you ended up in the house of a wealthy merchant who lived at the turn of the past centuries. Now ladies in long evening dresses will gather, and the ball will begin.

Not everyone can afford an imperial wedding, and many feel attracted to the vintage style, which is difficult to explain logically. Is it possible to develop something simpler to preserve beauty and fashion and not spend vast amounts of money on antique furniture? A few simple tricks will help create the right atmosphere. Of course, we will not redo the walls, floor and ceiling. But you are quite capable of choosing tablecloths for tables in a small flower - these are the fabrics that were popular in the last and the century before last. For chairs, come up with capes with light gilding and elaborate patterns. Here you have a vintage, albeit in a simple but stunning performance. It is also desirable to get hold of antique vases, which is entirely accurate, and beautifully lay napkins matched to match,




It would seem that the deliberately rough and too simplified Rustic style can have anything to do with the design of the wedding hall. But more and more people want to see their wedding in this style. People "tortured" by the city are somewhere subconsciously drawn to the rural lifestyle. "rustic" comes from the French rustique, which means "simple" in translation.

To some extent, it resembles American country music, but there are still some differences, at least in colour. The American countryside is more associated with light colours, including wood. European rustic tends to dark shades, although, like everywhere else, options are possible here. Look at this example of decorating a hall for a rustic wedding from the wedding workshop of Alina Taranova and feel how kind, cosy, memorable a stylized village wedding can be.




We've only gone over a few styles and mentioned interesting wedding planning possibilities. Do not forget about the most traditional decorating the hall for a wedding celebration. Beautiful flower or paper garlands will not be superfluous. It is simple and easy to make a rain of flowers. Rose petals of different shades are strung on a thin light thread and hung from the ceiling. The air in the room is always in motion - you get a lovely iridescent design.


Many rightly believe that a wedding should meet folk traditions, which is very cool. It's an Italian wedding, Indian, French, wonderful, unusual, and attractive. But from simple towels folk embroidered motifs, it smells of something very homely, as if all the ancestors promise to protect the marriage of the young in their native land. Moreover, the wedding hall design in folk motifs can also be original and unique.


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