Rug Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for your Home this summer 2018

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Keeping your home clean and organized is not easy, especially if you have children or attending many guests. All of them will bring external dirt without knowing, so you have to find a way to clean your carpet efficiently and easily. In the summer, due to the hot air and storm our home and carpet contains dust and sometimes this is the reason of the asthma. Therefore, here are some carpets cleaning tips that can help you do this.



This is the most widely used method of carpet cleaning, and it is easy to understand- since the beginning of the 20th century vacuum cleaners have been invented and this is the best way to remove dust from the carpet. However, just vacuuming a carpet is not like cleaning your carpet effectively because you need to know how to use it to get maximum results. First of all, set your vacuum to the right height to get the most of it. If you use it too close of your carpet then it might damage the carpet and for the too high, it won’t collect all the dirt. SO if you want to keep your carpet clean and make it look like new then you should vacuum it once in a week


Go with professional cleaning:

If you can’t get rid of all stains and spot by vacuuming, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner. These people usually use more powerful solutions such as dry extraction cleaning and steam cleaning that makes a great difference on your carpet. Of course, you don’t want to want to spend much money by hiring professional cleaner every months so you can use professional cleaning by four times in a year. Alternatively, try using a steam cleaner on your own and save some money that way.


Removing stains using carpet cleaning powder and shampoo: 

Carpet cleaning powders and shampoos are the most effective way to get rid of dark carpet spots. These do not only remove only exists stains, but also make your carpets more resistant towards new ones. There’s a difference between powders and shampoos, but you can basically use whichever is more affordable because the results are mostly same, as well as the time and energy you invest in cleaning.

Using non-toxic products: 

You can try natural carpet cleaning products instead of commonly used ones. In your kitchen perhaps you already have the majority of the material, so you will not have to spend money on them. Items like baking soda, tonic water, vinegar, and salt are inexpensive yet highly efficient solutions that keep your carpets clean. 

Care and maintenance: 

1) Focusing on the entrance: Not that many people realize that your home would be much cleaner if you and your guests brought less dirt from the outside. Therefore, using doormats is one of the best idea so invest some money into these. However, be sure to learn how to clean your protective outdoor mats and how you can make those works for you in the years to come. These mats should be swept, vacuumed, and washed regularly, as well as scraped for dirt as often as possible.

2) Use according to the traffic: Never use a silk area rug for the high traffic area because it is an exclusive and expensive carpet as compared to the other carpets. This is suitable for the low traffic area. If you want to use a rug for the high traffic area then you can take a wool area rug. For the outdoor, take handmade flat woven dhurries


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